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Sony Hints at Gravity Rush Sequel

by Prima Games Staff

When Gravity Rush released for PS Vita, it introduced a refreshing take on third-person action/platforming, allowing you to shift gravity to your will while traversing through a magical world. The game performed well with both critics and general audiences, giving Sony the notion that a sequel wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Now it appears we’re getting one.

The company released a teaser trailer for what appears to be a follow-up to Gravity Rush, featuring a brief snippet of new gameplay in a bigger city, as well as glimpses of other areas that can be explored. It doesn’t have an official name yet, as the trailer simply reads “Fall again…” at the end, and highlights a new project from Team Gravity. At this point, we don’t even know if it’s for the PS Vita, or an all new platform, like PlayStation 4.

Regardless, we should know more about Gravity Rush’s follow-up over the next few months.