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Killer Instinct Mini eGuide Evo Edition: Introduction

by Bryan Dawson

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It’s been a long wait since the last Killer Instinct title graced arcades and home consoles. Later this year, Killer Instinct will launch with the Xbox One and we’ll hopefully have another tournament-caliber fighting game on our hands. The developers at Double Helix are doing everything they can to make sure that happens, including taking the game to the biggest and best fighting game tournaments and events between now and the launch of the Xbox One.

The road to release began with a showing at the Microsoft and Mad Catz booths at E3 2013. The same build was shown at MLG Anaheim a few weeks later. Now an updated build is set to be playable at the biggest fighting game stage in the world, the Evolution Fighting Game Championship.

This guide is designed to make it easier for Evo attendees to get the most from their short time with the latest build. You won’t find everything there is to know about the game, but you’ll learn enough to get started and hopefully enjoy the game a little more during the busy Evo weekend in Las Vegas.

Note: Everything in this mini-guide is based on the E3 build and subject to change. Special thanks to Maximilian for additional notes/corrections.

E3 to EVO

The build that was playable at E3 featured Jago’s stage, with Jago and Sabrewulf as playable characters. The Combo Breaker system was unfinished, and a lot of balancing adjustments were not yet in place.

Double Helix has promised to bring an updated build to Evo. While details on the new build are not yet available, we do know that Glacius will be playable, in addition to Jago and Sabrewulf. It’s also a safe bet to assume we’ll get at least one more stage to play on, and possibly an upgraded Combo Breaker system.


If you’re familiar with traditional Street Fighter controls, it will not be difficult to learn Killer Instinct’s controls. The control layout is identical to SF, with three punches and three kicks serving as the primary attack buttons. At E3, every Killer Instinct setup was accompanied by two Mad Catz Arcade FightStick TE2s. For the time being, let’s assume that will be the case at Evo as well.

While you can change the button configuration, this was the default button layout at E3:


B = Back

F = Forward

U = Up

D = Down


QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward = Down to Forward

QCB = Quarter-Circle Back = Down to Back

DP = Dragon Punch Motion = Forward, then Down to Forward


LP = Light Punch

MP = Medium Punch

HK = Heavy Punch


LK = Light Kick

MK = Medium Kick

HK = Heavy Kick


PPP = All Three Punches

KKK = All Three Kicks

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