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Gran Turismo 6: High Speed Ring Track Tips

by Prima Games Staff

First introduced in the original Gran Turismo (yes, it’s 15 years old), the High Speed Ring makes its return to GT6 – and it looks better than ever. This course, measuring at just 2.5 miles in length, comes with a fairly reasonable amount of chances to catch up to your opponents through straightaways, though there are a couple of turns you’ll want to watch out for.

Taking the normal route – not the mirror, since you’ll want to follow these instructions the opposite way – you’ll start with a decent amount of straight track before coming up on your first tight hairpin turn. If you maintain a proper speed between 50 and 60 miles per hour, you can take this turn with ease, and even pass a couple of cars by taking the outside route while they stick to the inside.

After coming out of this turn, you’ll come across a small left angle in the road, before taking a straight route that gives you a chance to accelerate. From here, though, you’ll want to keep a fair balance with your steering and acceleration, as you’ll encounter a reverse “S” double turn.

You’ll start out by going right, then taking an immediate left that leads to a little straight road. While taking these turns, it’s important to keep a fairly good speed, but not enough that you lose control. Try to maintain around 60 MPH at least during these turns. Don’t be afraid if your tires screech a little, just make sure you hang the turns long enough to stay on the track. Going off road can cost you some of your precious speed – and if you’re not careful, the current position.

Upon getting through this and onto the straight route, you’ll have another gradual right turn coming up. Take it in stride and pay attention to your driving indicator arrows on the ground. If you’re going too fast, you’ll see a continuous red line on the road. Slow down!

Once you get through this turn, you’ll go straight for a bit before coming upon one more right turn. Get through this with the same amount of speed, then gun it for the finish line.

Remember! Watch out for cars that come up from behind. Stick with the cockpit view so you can keep an eye on your rearview and cut them off before they can pass you.

Gran Turismo 6 is available now for PlayStation 3.

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