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Dead Rising 3 Strategic Preview

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its debut on Xbox 360, Dead Rising presented a masterful new take on bringing down zombies. Instead of relying on the typical handguns in other games, this series forced you to get creative with weapons, using whatever you can find to fight back – and maybe even combining a thing or two for better effect. 

This becomes a huge feature with Dead Rising 3, one of the key titles for the Xbox One. This time around, you’re dealing with more zombies than ever, and you don’t have the luxury of leaning on old pros like Frank West. Instead, you’ve got Nick Ramos, a mechanic in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to survive with whatever tools he can get his hands on.

Some of the more basic weapons serve their purpose. A fire axe, for example, will cut a few zombies to pieces before it eventually breaks, and even a flare gun does some good, serving as a distraction while you slip by most of the horde unnoticed. In reality, though, this is a game where ingenuity goes a long way, and you can combine two basic ingredients to make something really awesome. Once you find the blueprints in lockers or other areas, here are some of the weapons you’ll be able to create. 

Flaming Sword — Although we remain fans of the lightsaber-inspired laser sword, this is the next best thing – and probably the closest you’ll find to a Highlander-like weapon in the game. Combine a drum of motor oil with a katana, and light this sucker ablaze, and you’ll send zombies flying into fiery chunks with just a few swipes.

Dragon Punch – Who says Ryu and Ken are the only masters of this? Once you equip a motorcycle engine and a pair of boxing gloves, you’ll be able to rocket into the air and send several zombies flying at once.

The Polearm – Need a good weapon with range and effectiveness? This should do the trick, combining a typical pole with something nice and sharp on the other end. It’s a carry-over from Dead Rising 2, but it works so well, it’s not likely to bother anyone. 

The Sledgesaw – This is one of our personal favorites from the demo, and for good reason. By taping together a cement saw and sledgehammer, you have both power and sharpness built into an ultimate tool. Want to cave a zombie’s head in, or maybe just swing the weapon around and decapitate a few in one shot? This weapon gives you the power to do just that. Plus, it makes a heck of a projectile, as you can throw it through a group of zombies and make bloody sushi.

Jazz Hands – If you combine the feel of Freddy Krueger’s gloves with the power of Ash’s “boomstick” from the Evil Dead movies, you’ve got the Jazz Hands. These are literally handguns at their finest, with barrels loaded with ammunition that you can aim and shoot at several zombies at once. It’s a good way to clean house – and you don’t even need to do a “jazz hands” dance afterwards. It’d be pretty hilarious, though.

Super Combo Weapons – Like other Dead Rising games before it, part three will introduce a number of super combo weapons. Not all of them have been revealed, but you’ll see the return of the teddy bear from Dead Rising 2. This time around, however, instead of mini-guns strapped to its arms, you can equip it any way you want. Flamethrowers? Grenade launchers? The machine gun hands? The sky’s the limit. You can even fit it with accessories, including hats. 

These are just a few of the bigger weapons available. Various possibilities exist, especially later in the game.

That’s not all, either. Vehicles play a much larger role in Dead Rising 3. You’ll be able to load into a hearse and run roughshod over zombies, though some stragglers may hang on and try to drag you out of the vehicle; shrug them off and keep your ride going if you can.

If that’s not enough, you can also customize your vehicles. We’re not just talking changing the rims and the paint color, either. Want to equip that zippy motorcycle with more power? Attach a steamroller, add a few spikes and a pair of flamethrowers, and you have the nearly unstoppable Rollerhawg. Again, the possibilities are endless.

With its inventive weapon combinations and no shortage of zombies to bring down – powerful and otherwise – Dead Rising 3 should have no problem attracting players when it arrives November 22nd for Xbox One. We’ll see you in the city.

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