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Splinter Cell Blacklist – Ghost Tactics & Challenge List

by Prima Games Staff

Going full Ghost during a mission and maximizing your score in this style is dependent on three factors:

Remain undetected for the duration of a checkpoint.
When neutralizing hostiles, do so using nonlethal methods.
Ensure that none of your victims are found.


If you wish to operate as a Ghost, it’s best to be prepared. Here is a brief rundown of some essential gadgets:


These useful devices are one of the first available to you and benefit both the Ghost and Panther styles. Their primary function is to survey and mark targets beyond your line of sight. Until you purchase Sleeping Gas, they also provide you with the ability to incapacitate enemies within a limited range. Purchase and equip the Flash Charge early in the Campaign to maximize their potential.


Relatively silent and able to be upgraded, the Tri-Rotor is an indispensable tool that should be included in your loadout as soon as possible. This gadget is best used to fly ahead of your position and mark enemies, allowing you to track their movements during your approach.


With the ability to temporarily disable lights, cameras, and other electronic devices momentarily, the Sticky EMP is especially helpful in the control of Drones when their Operators are inaccessible.


These gas grenades release the same chemical as the Sticky Camera, but in much larger quantity, engulfing and dispatching hostiles quickly leaving little room for error.


Category Challenge Prize Criteria
Ghost Abduction KOS $10,000 Abduct and nonlethally take down five enemies from cover without being detected.
Ghost Stealth H2H Knockouts $10,000 Take down 10 enemies using nonlethal H2H without being detected.
Ghost Shocking KOS $10,000 Sticky-shock 10 enemies without being detected.
Ghost Distraction KOS $10,000 Take down five enemies that are investigating a disturbance undetected.
Ghost Lights Out $30,000 Shoot out 30 lights with a silenced weapon undetected.
Ghost Sleeping Dogs $10,000 Put five guard dogs to sleep.
Ghost Anti-Security EMP $10,000 Temporarily disable five security systems with EMP gadgets while remaining undetected.
Ghost Stealth H2H KO Streak $30,000 Take down five hostiles in a row using nonlethal H2H without being detected.
Ghost Sleeping Gas Multi KO x3 $30,000 Knock out three enemies with a single Sleeping Gas grenade.
Ghost Ultimate Sticky Shocker $30,000 Sticky-shock three enemies with one bolt.
Ghost Abduction KO Streak $30,000 Abduct and nonlethally take down three enemies in a row from cover without being detected.
Ghost Camera Shootout $10,000 Shoot out five cameras with a silenced weapon undetected.

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