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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 First Look

by Prima Games Staff

The original Angry Birds Star Wars was another win for Rovio Entertainment in both mobile and merchandising. Consumers carried the game on their portable devices, then bought play sets and plush toys inspired by the blockbuster sci-fi franchise. This level of success should increase when Angry Birds Star Wars 2 debuts September 19th. Thankfully, more levels scratch the surface of what this promising title will offer.

Telepods is the key word to remember. Similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity on consoles, players can buy tiny figurines and then bring these characters into the game via plastic base. This lets them harness each character’s signature ability to tackle especially tricky puzzles. 

Speaking of characters, gamers can expect plenty of new ones. Bounty hunter Jango Fett pig pulverizes the opposition with some well-placed missiles (Boba Fett also makes an appearance), while Anakin Skywalker bird briefly changes direction with his podracer; an older Anakin slices through chains and wood with a lightsaber attack. Fans can also expect Mace Windu bird, the more obscure Captain Panaka bird, Darth Maul pig (complete with double-bladed lightsaber) and Emperor Palpatine, in pig form of course. Even Jar Jar Binks made it into the game, with a useful looking tongue attack that lets him fling objects.

What makes the roster intriguing is the option to mix heroes and villains with the goal of forming the ultimate team. This represents the first time in Rovio’s franchise where both birds and pigs work together. Considering their troubled history, don’t get used to it.

Although the game releases next week, you can pick up various Telepods and play sets via Amazon. That said, get ready for another challenging game from Rovio, and may the Force be with you.