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The MOVO UM700 Mic is Perfect for Getting Started in Content

by Lucas White

When you’re jumping into the world of content creation, it isn’t easy to figure out exactly what you need and when you need it. Especially with streaming and video-making so ubiquitous, how are you supposed to figure out what tools can work well and not kill your wallet?

Don’t look at me; I don’t know what I’m doing either. Luckily, my audio situation got a real boost from a product designed exactly for the “how do I start oh god” crowd. MOVO’s UM700 has been a consistent plug and play utility that does everything I need and hits a sweet spot between price, quality and function.

MOVO UM700 Device Review

I’ve been agonizing over my multimedia situation for a while. That’s what happens when you don’t have many resources and you suddenly find yourself in the media full-time.

Over the past several months I’ve bumped up my tools one step at a time, and I knew a mic would be priority number two after a camera. But while I’m knowledgeable enough with video to have made a smart choice, I had no idea where to start with audio.

Spending over a hundo on a microphone was just too much for me to handle. I’ve never paid more than like 40 bucks for a headset, and that was pushing it. As we started running weekly streams here at Prima, I knew that wasn’t enough, though. A desktop mic was an inevitability and I had to figure out what and how real fast.

Then I came across MOVO’s UM700 and worked out an opportunity to test it out. And I really don’t see myself ever going further than this thing because of how easy it’s been and how perfect the results are.

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The whole pitch for the uM700 is it’s made to make content creator life easier. No setup, built-in functions, and it stops right at the $100 mark. It sits between the big names like Blue Yeti, and the questionable offerings on sites like Amazon that barely have an on/off switch.

So someone like me without the knowledge or bandwidth to gain knowledge should have a broadcast-worthy solution without any more legwork.

Out of the box, the UM700 has a foam windscreen and a micro USB cable. That’s it – no additional software or pieces. The stand it comes with is a sturdy hunk of metal attached to the mic with dials for tightening, and after a number of weeks it’s holding just fine.

It holds its weight well, not tipping over despite how… precariously I’ve placed it at times. The best part, though are the physical settings on the mic itself. There’s a gain dial and a mute button, which you’d expect. There’s also a headphone jack and volume dial so you can listen to yourself speak if you need to make adjustments.

Finally, there’s a pattern pickup dial that lets you choose four different modes for, well, pickup. Each setting is clearly defined and labeled intuitively for purposes like solo use, 1:1 conversations, music recording and even meetings.

It works too; I can snap over to “Cardioid” and know I don’t have to worry about extra noise bleeding in from sources other than my face.

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Really, the only problem I ran into was when I wanted to spruce things up a little more and get a pop filter. The stand is thin and unobtrusive, but doesn’t have much real estate for effectively attaching extras. So I had to wrestle with that a bit, but otherwise I haven’t had a single problem.

Things like drivers haven’t been an issue either, so the “plug and play” bullet point is totally accurate.

I can’t speak to what the UM700 can do for someone who knows what all the menu options in Audacity are for. But that isn’t the point of this device. The goal is accessibility, and MOVO had released an audio solution that costs significantly less than similar products, is beyond easy to use and doesn’t skimp on quality in the slightest.

Anyway tune into the Prima Teama Livestreama on Friday nights to see the thing in action.


  • Easy to use
  • Pickup pattern options work great
  • Good price for the quality


  • Not much room for additions
  • No software or anything means you’re on your own if you want to keep learning

Score: 9.5/10

 A copy of this device was provided by the creators for review 


Lucas White

Lucas plays a lot of videogames. Sometimes he enjoys one. His favs include Dragon Quest, SaGa and Mystery Dungeon. You can find him on Twitter @HokutoNoLucas. Wanna send an email? Shoot it to [email protected]