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Sneak Peek: Fallout 76 Official Collector’s Edition Guide

by NumberOne

Whether solo or with friends, emerge from Vault 76 ready to thrive with the Fallout 76 Official Collector’s Edition Guide. In this guide you will find survival training, combat strategies, quest walkthroughs, a West Virginia atlas, building and crafting guides, complete multiplayer coverage, as well as a world map poster and bonus eGuide code!

Surviving Aboveground: Detailed training, character creation guidance, and combat strategies help prepare you to embark on your adventure.

Quest Walkthroughs: Quest breakdowns and helpful guidance through your journey, from your first steps outside the vault to collecting the last nuclear code!

Post-Apocalyptic Atlas: Enhance your exploration with fully labeled maps and detailed information on every wasteland location.

In addition, the guide includes:

  • Building and Crafting: Learn how create shelter and necessary supplies with the new Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform.
  • Multiplayer: Journey together with fellow Vault Dwellers for the first time! Make teamwork work for you with effective strategies for assembling your crew.
  • Premium Hardcover: The Collector’s Edition features distinct cover art as well as full-color endsheets and is printed on bright, heavyweight paper for vibrant, crisp screenshots, maps, and art.
  • West Virginia Poster Map: Thoroughly labeled with essential locations, points of interest, and valuable resources.
  • Digital Bonus: Unlock your digital version of this guide with the free code included inside. Access your digital guide anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

The Fallout 76 Official Collector’s Edition Guide is the ultimate reference for creating your character, teaming up with allies, defeating enemies, building, crafting, and exploring the wastes of West Virginia!

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