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Master These Combat Tactics in Metroid: Samus Returns!

by Prima Games Staff

Metroid: Samus Returns is both fun and challenging, with new weapons, skills, and tactics to master. Here are five tips that will help you navigate your trek through SR388!

Warning: Tip 5 includes what some players might consider a mild spoiler. Skip past that one if you prefer.

1. Use Melee Often

Samus’ ability to melee may seem a bit strange for a Metroid game when you first start, but ignore those feelings. When used properly, Samus’ melee attack is easily one of the most useful attacks in the game. Nearly every enemy in the game will perform an attack that Samus can counter to not only stun the enemy, but also temporarily increase the amount of damage Samus’ weapons do and reward you with extra ammo and energy. When you see white rings form around an enemy and hear the telltale snap sound, punch the melee button to knock the enemy right out of their attack.

2. Use Those Missiles

Most Metroid veterans know the rules of a new weapon: if it has ammo, conserve it for a big fight! It might seem counterintuitive for us to tell you to go nuts with Samus’ standard missiles, but you’re going to have to trust us on this. Over the course of her mission, Samus is able to find missiles into the hundreds, which is significantly more than you’ll need for just about any enemy in the game. On top of that, with the new melee system, you’ll find missile ammunition drops in abundance, so there’s almost no reason not to go crazy! The only time we’ll urge you to be careful with your missiles is while fighting a Metroid. Running out of missiles while fighting one of these infamous parasites is a guarantee for a much longer fight. Aim steady, aim true and you’ll be fine to use your missiles whenever your heart demands it of you.

3. Fight Defensively Against Metroids

It won’t take long for you to realize why Metroids are the most feared organisms in the galaxy. By your second or third encounter with the creatures, you’ll realize just have devastating they are if they manage to land an attack on you. This might lead you to panic and try to beat them quickly, but that’s a trap that will almost certainly lead to your demise. Patience is key when fighting Metroids – patience and a keen eye. When you first enter a Metroid’s room, get a feel for it by studying its moves and attack patterns. If it can’t hit you, it can’t defeat you, so make evasion and defense your primary focus, then make your strikes count.

4. Watch Your Footing

Most Metroid rooms have tricky layouts that can really get you into trouble during your fight with the precocious parasite, which is why you should always look around a room for better footing before fully committing to the fight. Try to take elevated platforms and stay away from walls. If there are any floor hazards like lava next to your platform, make sure to stay away from the platform’s edge. Metroids like ramming their enemies, which is more than enough to drop you into dangerous terrain below for extra damage. Once you’ve found your spot and understand the Metroid’s attack habits, you’re ready to take it out.

This next one might be considered a minor spoiler, so skip this tip if you’re trying to start the game with fresh eyes.

Everyone else good? Yeah? Great!

5. Ice Beam and Melee: A Perfect Pairing

Quite early into Samus’ mission you’ll find her unforgettable Ice Beam. If you charge up an Ice Beam shot and hit an enemy with it, you’ll freeze them down to their bones. Not only will they be frozen in place for around 10 seconds, but they’ll also be extremely susceptible to impact attacks (i.e. missiles and melee). This isn’t an attack that you perform simply because it looks neat; hitting an enemy with a melee attack while they’re frozen will shatter them instantly, regardless of their total health. With this little technique you’ll be able to tear through even the toughest of enemies like a wrecking ball through a glass window.

Take note that this technique doesn’t work on bosses like the Metroids, but charging up an Ice Beam shot will have special effects on them.

That’s going to do it! We hope you find these tips helpful in your journey to eradicate all Metroids. Good luck and happy hunting!

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