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10 Dying Light Tips That Might Save Your Life

by Prima Games Staff

Direct from the team working on the official Dying Light Game Guide, we’ve got the top 10 best strategies for staying alive in Dying Light.

1. Aim for the head; the Infected go down quickly if you land headshots time and time again. Don’t miss! You can also aim for the neck if you have a good slashing weapon.

2. Just because Infected fall down doesn’t mean they’re no longer a threat. Enemies that take leg injuries fall, but can still grab you and get a little bitey. Watch for movement on the ground or look for XP when an enemy falls. If you didn’t get XP, you didn’t get a kill. Give them a double-tap on the ground to finish the job.

3. Ammunition is precious. Save it for enemies that are extremely dangerous to approach. Shoot Gas Tanks to detonate their explosive cylinders, blow down Goons without getting into melee range, and take out Rais’ gunners without giving them a chance to fire back.

4. Loot everything, all the time. A large stockpile of crafting components allows you to create a variety of weapons and general items. The more you loot early on, the better off you’ll be later in the game.

5. Some enemies can’t climb, are too large to go through doors, or lack ranged weapons. Never forget this. Hide in small places to avoid Demolishers, and climb to elevated positions to avoid Biters and Goons. You shouldn’t worry about fighting fair when you’re dealing with mindless horrors. Exploit every weakness!

6. Until you get a number of Agility Ranks, stay inside at night and use Safe Zones to quickly sleep until morning. That’s the best way to hurry through the dangerous times without facing deadly Volatiles. This also gets you to a new day, when the Quartermasters restock and let you grab more free goodies. If you’re low on basic weapons and supplies, this is a great way to restock on the cheap.

7. Once you get those Survivor and Agility Ranks and have learned how to use traps (such as Explosive Cars), start to venture out into the lovely Harran night. Though quite dangerous, the Pursuits you experience are fun and often earn you a huge amount of experience quickly. Think of night runs as a way of proving that you’ve learned how to dominate in Harran rather than merely survive.

8. Airdrops won’t last forever. If you see a plane fly overhead, race after it and look for the crates that are dropped into the city. Get to these and defeat any of Rais’ people who show up. The supplies inside are valuable. There are several things you might get, and they’re all useful!

9. Use Blueprints to improve every high-end weapon you find. The improvements to weapons’ base damage and the added elemental effects ensure you can effectively hack through Infected.

10. Side Quests are the best way to keep your XP as high as possible. You receive many rewards for doing these optional tasks, but that’s not even the best reason for pursuing them. You’ll miss dozens of great stories in Harran if you simply race through the game. Take your time. Harran needs your help.

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