Looking to find all the collectibles in Skylanders® SuperChargers? Look no further!

Skylanders SuperChargers map app screen 2

This officially licensed Skylanders® SuperChargers map app reveals the locations of all the game's hidden collectibles! Use it to find all the following items: Epic Treasure Chests; Live Wire Locks; Random Reward Objects; Red Toolboxes; Skystones Overdrive; Wish Stones; SuperCharger Gates; Land Challenges; Sea Challenges; Sky Challenges; and Challenge Flags!

Skylanders SuperChargers map app screen 3

The perfect digital companion to Skylanders® SuperChargers, this multipurpose app allows users to quickly find and track all the collectibles in the game. This map app provides players with expertly drawn area maps complete with icons indicating the exact location of every collectible in the game, providing an easy-to-use quick reference tool to utilize while playing the game.

Skylanders SuperChargers map app screen 4

This is the perfect app for fans of Skylanders® SuperChargers looking to get the most from their game!

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Available for iOS and Android devices. Only $2.99!