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Alpha Protocol Is Back on Steam With a Discount

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After years of being delisted on storefronts, Alpha Protocol is finally making its way back to PC. It was released on GOG earlier this year with an updated build including tons of improvements and additions to the cult-classic RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and SEGA. Now, Alpha Protocol is back on Steam as well, but is it the best place to buy it? Here is everything you need to know.

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Alpha Protocol Steam Version

The Steam version of Alpha Protocol is the original build. This means that the title is simply back on sale again after being delisted back in 2019. This is not the updated build that’s currently available on GOG which has achievements, licensed music, proper controller support, cloud saves, and improved localization.

However, this does mean that you can play the game directly on the Steam Deck without downloading an additional GOG launcher. Thanks to Steam Input, you can load up a profile as well. However, a lack of cloud support means you’ll have to manually move your save files between different devices.

If you’re looking to finally add this title to your library, then the Steam version is the same game as before, but we definitely recommend buying the GOG version instead if you’re looking to play the game with minimal tweaking.

Both the Steam and GOG versions are currently discounted at 20% with the discount ending on July 11, 2024. We’re glad to see a game being relisted for a change, especially when it was becoming very hard to spot a physical copy of Alpha Protocol.

We hope that more games are relisted in the future, especially titles that were based on some licensed IP during the early 2010s. The GOG team has done an excellent job with the re-release of Alpha Protocol, and we’re excited to see which game they’ll take on next.

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