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World of Warcraft Classic Adds Zul’Gurub Raid

by Liana Ruppert

A new World of Warcraft Classic update has arrived and brings with it the notorious 20-player Zul’Gurub raid in addition to quite a few other notable inclusions as well. For those that missed out on the vanilla World of Warcraft experience, Zul’Gurub was renowned for its lowered player-count as opposed to the previous 40-player raids in addition to its incredible loot drops. Because of that, Zul’Gurub’s arrive in World of Warcraft Classic is a pleasant addition for many. 

World of Warcraft Classic Adds Zul’Gurub Raid

Zul’Gurub first made its debut back in 2005 and offered an epic 5-piece exclusive armor set for all classes to enjoy in addition to 120 high-tier item drops for players to enjoy. Oh, and Zandalar trolls, can’t forget those! Despite player love for this smaller raid, it was eventually removed from World of Warcraft as a whole due to the continuation of the main storyline, instead turning into a 5-player dungeon for a little additional retcon. While dungeons are cool and all, Zul’Gurub’s charm lies in its raid potential, which makes its original-version inclusion in Classic a treat for veterans and newcomers alike. 

Zul’Gurub includes 13 raid bosses total at level 60 and is located in the Stranglethorn Vale with a reputation with the Zandalar Tribe. This instance also resets in a 3-day interval as well with four of the bosses on a rotating basis alongside the Edge of Madness encounter.

Here’s what you need to know about the rotation: 

  • High Priest Arlokk
  • High Priest Jek’lik
  • High Priest Mar’li
  • High Priest Thekal
  • High Priest Venoxis.
  • Bloodlord Mandokir
  • Jin’do the Hexer
  • Gahz’ranka
  • Edge of Madness (Each available once weekly)
    • Gri’lek
    • Hazza’rah
    • Renataki
    • Wushoolay
  • Hakkar


The latest update also has dragons of the Green Dragonflight guarding the portals at the Green Trees but with an ominous twist. No longer are these creatures given the peace of Ysera, instead they’ve been twisted into the Dragons of Nightmare, which offers players one more epic challenge to undergo. 

If raids and evil dragons aren’t your schtick, you could always go fishing instead! The latest update also allows for Stranglethorn’s Fishing Extravaganza along the coasts for citizens to come forth and participate in the grand tourney. Once the signal has been given, cast those fishing lines and do your thing! 

The latest World of Warcraft Classic update, including the Zul’Gurub raid, is available now exclusive to You can also check out what else is new with our World of Warcraft game hub right here! Be sure to check us out on Twitter as well @PrimaGames for our 24/7 news feed and tell us what you think about the current state of World of Warcraft Classic!

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