Animal Crossing: New Horizons is so magical, it even manages to make pooping look cute. That's right, this ain't no Onion article, you can actually poop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and yeah, we get it, there's no way you could have gone about your Monday without having known that. 

Not only can Animal Crossing: New Horizons players poop in-game, they also can't stop talking about it. Again, fair, because magic: 

You're welcome.

We've been having a ton of fun ourselves playing the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, even if karma did kick us in the teeth when it came to island life after naming it after COVID-19. For those stuck in quarantine with us, be sure to check out our game hub here to learn more tips, tricks, and nifty little news bits about the latest Nintendo Switch title to take the gaming community by storm.