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You Can Now Search for Games on the Epic Games Store

by Prima Games Staff

Epic Games continue to improve their digital storefront, having recently added a search feature for gamers to utilize. Seeing as how the ability to search for titles has been one of the most commonly requested features, it’s no surprise to hear that Epic Games opted to incorporate it in their store. 

One reason as to why this feature was not previously available centers around the fact that the Epic Games Store launched with three total games. Over the last few months, dozens of new games have been added, increasing the necessity of a search feature.

Several developers and publishers have opted to launch PC versions of their games exclusively on the Epic Games Store, thanks in large part to the platform’s generous revenue split. Some of these exclusive games include Hades, Metro Exodus, and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. 

In the future, gamers can look forward to the addition of other features including pages according to Sergey Galyonkin, director of publishing strategy at Epic Games. You can download the Epic Games Store client right now and test out its new search feature, and snag a free copy of Slime Rancher between now and March 21. After March 21, the next free title will be Oxenfree, available from March 21 through April 4.

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