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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Will Be a Day One Xbox Series X Launch Title, Coming to PC

by Liana Ruppert

In the most recent Inside Xbox showcase, Microsoft revealed that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be a day one Xbox Series X launch title in addition to bringing the PlayStation 4 exclusive to PC! Even better, this game will be optimized so that players who opt into the Xbox One version can still enjoy a free Series X upgrade when they decide to make the jump.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon first made its PS4 debut at the beginning of this year and told a different kind of Yakuza story, leaving behind Kiryu and instead focusing on Ichiban Kasuga, a low-ranking grunt that was left to die after being betrayed by his crime family. With a bullet in his chest, Ichiban comes back with a vengeance with action, drama, and the comedic stylings that Yakuza fans are used to. For those that love traditional RPGs, there’s a fun twist as well that while he can’t become some epic mage, he can level up different “Jobs” as if they were an RPG class like becoming a Musician (bard), Bodyguard (tank), and even a Chef … yeah, we’re not sure about that one. 

During the reveal, Microsoft confirmed that this is yet another Smart Delivery title, meaning that for those that purchase this game on the Xbox One, they’ll get an Xbox Series X version upgrade for free, as mentioned above. Even better, the company also confirmed that cross-save compatibility will also be a feature, meaning if you do upgrade to the next generation of gaming, you won’t lose any of that hard-earned progress. 

Fight the odds, rise up as the underdog to prove everyone in Japan wrong – this story is definitely a ‘rise from the ashes’ sort of tale but intermingled with the traditional comedic style that the Yakuza franchise is known for. Explore modern-day Japan like never before, level up those professions, and kick butt and take names without any remorse. That, and you can see a few familiar faces as well! 

While this is a day one launch title for the Xbox Series X, we don’t have a firm release date for the new console at this time outside of its Holiday 2020 window. When we know that release date we’ll know when we can get our hands on Yakuza: Like a Dragon. But for now, at least we have this swanky new trailer to see how this game runs on the upcoming Xbox system. 

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