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Dirt 5 Officially Announced for Xbox Series X

by Nicholas Barth

Thursday, May 7th, saw the first gameplay and array of games that will be coming to the Xbox Series X when it officially launches. One of the most significant announcements during today’s Xbox Series X reveal stream was that Dirt 5, the next entry in the iconic racing game franchise, will indeed be an Xbox Series X game.

Dirt 5 will take advantage of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature, where players who get the game for Xbox One will automatically get the Xbox Series X version of Dirt 5 when they upgrade to the next-generation console. 

Xbox series x dirt 5

Players who dive into the world of Dirt 5 will get to experience the off-road racing franchise like never before thanks to the powerful graphics and performance that the Xbox Series X will provide to the title that will see the likes of iconic racing locations. A star-studded cast, including Nolan North and Troy Baker, will also be providing even more entertainment to players who experience what Dirt 5 has to offer on the Xbox Series X in a revamped career mode where players will have the chance to become the next star of the off-road racing world. 

Individuals will be able to enjoy all of the action of Dirt 5 on the Xbox Series X with their friends thanks to local offline four-player cooperative play that will bring back the days of couch co-op with your buddies. 

The official reveal of Dirt 5 for the Xbox Series X was not the only major announcement to come out of the latest showcase for the next-generation console. Fans were also treated to the first official gameplay footage for the highly anticipated Assassins Creed Valhalla, which will see the fan-favorite franchise enter the Viking era for the first time. 

There is no doubt that players will have plenty of fun when Dirt 5 officially launches on the Xbox Series X and begins the next chapter of the popular franchise for the next-generation of consoles. 

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