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Xbox Series X Dashboard Revealed in New Video

by Eric Garrett

We’ve got a few months to go before fans are able to get their hands on the next generation of powerful consoles. Microsoft appears to be leading the charge with giving people a hint at when to expect the Xbox Series X, and on top of everything we’ve learned so far, a new video gives us a look at what the new console’s dashboard will look like.

Xbox recently took to the Xbox Wire to reveal details about an all new Xbox experience that will arrive with the next-gen hardware. When it launches, it will be coming to all devices and not just the Xbox Series X. As head of Xbox research and design Chris Novak points out in the post, the Series X console “will set a new bar for power, speed, and compatibility.” This will include the Xbox ecosystem that will not only be the new dashboard for the upcoming console, but will also become the dashboard for everyone across PC, Xbox, and mobile devices. It may look like more of the same, but it’s cleaner, quicker, and more.

“Xbox Series X will set a new bar for speed when it launches this November, and we’re taking the same approach to accelerate experiences across Xbox,” Novak said. “The Xbox Velocity Architecture and Quick Resume technology make games quicker to launch, and we knew we also wanted to make them faster to discover, talk about, and download – even while you’re away from your console. Your phone, PC, or console – all working together.”

The overall theme appears to be unity and bringing everyone together under one big green umbrella. Whether you are gaming at your PC, sitting on the couch with a controller, or gaming on the go, Microsoft seems to want to make it all as seamless as possible for users, which is not a bad goal to have. 

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The Xbox Series X is set to arrive at some point this November, which is also when the new Xbox experience will be arriving. For even more on what to expect from the next generation of Xbox, be sure to check out our game hub!

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