During the Xbox Showcase Extended video today, Microsoft announced that Xbox Design Lab is back. The original program allowed you to customize and make your Xbox One controller your own.

Xbox Design Lab Is Back, Now With Series X|S Controller Customization 

Xbox Design Lab has been down for some time and fans were wondering when it would come back. The ability to inscribe your Gamertag or phrase on the bottom of the controller is exciting to many players around the world.

This time you’re able to customize your Xbox Series X controllers, with new color options like Shock Blue and Pulse Red. As well as a suite of new button customization options. The segment showed off a bunch of different options. 

You can even put the old Xbox 360 button colors on your controller if you miss those days.

If you’re looking to design your own Xbox controller you can check out the link right here

If you order one now they will start shipping out next month. They retail for $69.99 before engraving or shipping is applied.

Let us know what type of your controller you end up designing. Be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook for more news about Xbox and E3.