According to a report by VGC, there is a WU-Tang Clan-inspired Action RPG in the works by a new studio called Brass Lion Entertainment.

Wu-Tang Clan Game Reportedly In Works According To New Report

Normally we don’t report on these sorts of articles unless there is further corroboration by other journalists or insiders. Later Jeff Grubb, a journalist at Gamesbeat and host of the GrubbSnax news show on Giantbomb went on to say that this information was correct on an episode of GB Decides.

The report at VGC goes on to say that the game will feature “Seasonal content” and will be a “couple dozen hours” in length. 

While this is a weird headline for sure, the Wu-Tang Clan have been in video games before. The Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style game came out for the PlayStation in 199 9 as well as some special limited edition controllers of Ghostface Killah and Yung Dirty Coucette.RZA also produced both the show and Afro Samurai game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Everything about this game sounds stranger and stranger, but if it means we get even more music from the Wu-Tang Clan, then we’re on board. 

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