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World of Warcraft Classic Release Time for Each Region

by Nicholas Barth

World of Warcraft has been one of the popular video games in the world following its initial release over a decade ago. While Blizzard Entertainment has added plenty of new content to World of Warcraft over the years to keep players coming back routinely, there have been plenty of community members who longed to experience the classic version of the game without any of the post-launch content. Fortunately for these players, Blizzard Entertainment officially announced it would be launching an utterly classic version of the high-profile MMO on a release date in late August of 2019. The time has finally arrived for the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, and we have the release time for each region covered for you below.

World of Warcraft Classic Release Time

Each region release time will be taking place throughout Monday, August 26th, and Tuesday, August 27th.

You can find the official arrival times of the highly anticipated game in the image below:

World of Warcraft Classic Release Time

The arrival times of World of Warcraft Classic will allow veteran players to experience everything available in the vanilla version of the game which pulled them in for the very first time. The launch of this vanilla version will also allow new players to experience what the popular Blizzard title was like when it first was released in what is a very different version of the game that is currently available for players. 

However, it is essential to note that there will undoubtedly be a vast multitude of players trying to log in when the official release times for World of Warcraft Classic arrive. This high traffic will likely lead to long queue times for players when they are first launching the game. You can either wait for the long queue time or try to sign online after the initial release time when the expected high amount of traffic should be more regulated.

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