The Witcher Season 2 Gets a Release Date

Why are we throwing coins again I forgot

It’s Witchercon! From videogames to TV and, you know, books, The Witcher is everywhere today. And as of this writing, the news is beginning to flow. While CD Projekt RED is holding panels and giving away some goodies on its Good Old Games service, the biggest announcement so far is from Netflix. The Witcher, the aptly-titled TV series, dominated the world of geekdom and search engine optimization when it was released. And we can expect to see similar phenomena soon, as the release date for season two has been revealed. It’s December 17, 2021. That’s the number.

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A graphic was released accompanying the news, which you can see below and as the featured image on the article. Something something word counts and breaking news. As the stream is ongoing, any further content is not quite available on demand yet.

That said, since Witchercon is happening today and more tomorrow, you may want to hop over to Netflix’s YouTube or Twitch channel, or simply watch the official The Witcher Twitter feed to keep up with everything else. For now, you probably haven’t actually finished The Witcher 3 yet, so what’s a better time to do that than Witchercon? 

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