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Will Next Generation Games Be Going Up In Price?

by Prima Games Staff

There’s a lot of excitement going into the next generation of video games, with the PlayStation 4 already announced and the next Xbox model rumored to be revealed next month.  But with that comes concern that, well, someone is going to need to pay for all those next-gen costs.  And it just might be us.

Earlier this week, industry analyst Michael Pachter stated that when PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 games are set to hit shelves, they’ll be going for a higher price than what we’re paying now for current games.  While the hike isn’t too significant (we’re not paying $100), it could bring the range to an alarming $70 per title.

However, it’s also been reported that SCEA CEO Jack Tretton previously stated that Sony PlayStation 4 games will not exceed the price of $60, so, unless he’s going back on that statement, Pachter’s statement could just be a simple analysis at best.

We probably won’t find out until pre-launch details start making their way to retailers.  And, also, keep in mind that downloadable games for both systems still should remain relatively cheap, between independent developments and digital download titles. 

We’ll have more official details as we get them…

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