Magic: The Gathering just recently released a new set in Throne of Eldraine but that doesn't mean that's all Magic players are focusing on. In order to stay in that convention season hype, Wizards of the Coast is ramping up their teasers for their latest product: Mystery Boosters. 

Though Wizards didn't offer what's inside these Mystery Boosers - otherwise they wouldn't be much of a mystery - Magic players themselves have been working hard to crack the code to see what these Boosters will have to offer. Since these Mystery Boosters will be used in Limited-Time Events during a few conventions on the way, many believe that this new feature will focus heavily on Draft and Sealed, which gives us a closer look at what they will entail. 

Though standard cards should also be expected, MagicFest Richmond (November 7) and PAX Unplugged (December 6-8) will both center around Draft and Sealed with one major theory also stating that this feature is leading up to a Cube-like special edition product. For those new to Magic: The Gathering, an MTG Cube is a large pull of cards that are meant to be played in conjunction with Draft and Sealed that will offer powerful cards and usually a major spotlight on Legendary beings in this universe. 

Since Wizards has been teasing a paper-based Cube for quite some time now, it looks like now would be the perfect time to make that a reality with the new Mystery Boosters. Either that, or they will center around Chaos Drafts, which is essentially a randomized set of boosters that allows for players to randomly select three for their own draft pool. 

Obviously this is all community-based speculation, but we'll be learning soo enough with MagicFest Richmond next month. It will be there that Wizards officially reveals what these Boosters will have to offer to the MtG experience as a whole. 

Are you excited to see the world of Magic: The Gathering continue to expand? What do you think the Mystery Boxes will have to offer?