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The Weapons & EGO Abilities of Defiance

by Prima Games Staff

The world of Defiance can be a dangerous place. With members of the Voltan Collective constantly at odds and numerous treasures to be found, you will need to be prepared and armed with best weapons possible for protection. Defiance boasts more than your average sniper rifle or power up. We have detailed a few of the weapons and abilities that will aid you in ark hunting and give you an edge during combat.

Bio-Magnetic Gun

The Bio-Magnetic Gun is one of the most powerful weapons in Defiance. The weapon is of Votan orgin and is based on the science of bionetics.  This means that the weapon is designed to combine with the Ark Hunter’s DNA. This is similar to the technological implanents that the Indogene use.

The BMG as its called uses the DNA of the Ark Hunter and transfers it to BDNA. This then allows the weapon to create a powerful electric field from this genectic coding. The field attaches itself to other living beings and drains the electrical energy in the area and sends it back to the BMG and the hunter to use at will.


There are two rocket launchers in Defiance that can immediately change the course of a battle in a mere second. We have given more information on them below.

Guided Rocket Launchers

When in battle, there will be moments where you will need to do massive damage to a moving target. This is where the Guided Rocket Launchers come in. This powerful weapons lock on to a single target, even behind cover. The weapon is then able to fire multiple rockets towards the target. This weapon will take down the strongest member of the collective, even behind cover.

Spread Rocket Launchers

The Spread Rocket Launcher is used to fire more than one missile at a time over a large area. Enemies and mutants alike will run in fear at the sight of this powerful weapon. Once this weapon is activated, it will fire multiple missiles in the sky. The missiles will then drop from the sky in cover the area with fire and destruction.


Within the DNA of the inhaibitants of Defiance exsits the ability to wield powers. EGO stands for Environmental Gauardian Online. EGO is a AI that is connected to the body in order to unlock the unknown powers that lie within. Below is more information on some of the powerful abilities that EGO unlocks.


Cloak allows you to appear invisible to your enemy while the ability is activated. With Cloak enabled, you will be able to sneak behind your enemy and deliver a devastating fatal blow. Make sure that his is the final blow because once you attack an enemy, the effects of Cloak end. Similarly, if you are caught in enemy fire while Cloak is engaged, the effects of the ability will also end. This ability can also be deactivated at anytime.


Blur allows you to be faster that any living creature on Earth. Blur enhances your movements speed, allowing you to take out your enemies before the enemy even knows you are there! Weapons are functional at this time, and in theory you can clear a battlefield in a matter of seconds. Blur is also great for dodging incoming attacks and get in close for the final blow.


With Overcharge, you can make the most powerful weapon on the battlefield even more threatening. This ability enhances the ammunition of weapons that are in your possession. This allows the weapon equipped at that time to deal more damage when used. With Overcharge enabled, weapons like the Spread Rocket Launcher are almost unstoppable.


Decoy is an ability that allows you to create a hologram of yourself on the battlefield to distract and enemy and open them up for attack. The hologram is built to sustain a certain amount of damage before dissipating. While this is not the most powerful ability, it is a great way to distract an enemy and take them out.

We have now gone over the EGO abilities and a few weapons that will aid you in making your way through Defiance. The greatest weapon though is you so use the weapons and abilities and begin ark hunting!

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