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Wayforward Confirms Marian and Provie Playable in River City Girls 2

by Lucas White

Developer Wayforward took to Twitter this afternoon to drop some reveals for its upcoming brawler sequel, River City Girls 2. Joining the playable cast are some characters only previously hinted at before. Marian, former Double Dragon hostage turned walking six pack, will be a playable character along with Provie, a character from the Crowdfunded River City Ransom Underground.

Wayforward dropped some official character art, then followed that up with some screenshots of River City Girls 2 in action. Finally, Wayforward also confirmed that the Dragon Twins, Ryuichi and Ryuji, will reappear as villains. 

The connections between the Kunio-kun (River City) and Double Dragon series have been poked at over the years by Technos, but that connection is quite loud in River City Girls. Arc System works, since taking over Technos Japan’s IP in 2015, has been pairing the two series together, recently even dropping a collection for both series soon to get a physical release from Limited Run Games. River City Girls, a collaboration between ArcSys and Wayforward, launched in 2019 to an overall positive reception.

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