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Wattam Release Date of December 2019 Announced

by Ginny Woo

From the creators of Katamari Damacy comes a new adventure where you can make friends and discover a whole new world – Wattam. Keita Takahashi, the mind behind Katamari, is pulling this together with the help of Funomena. It looks like the game has now had an official release window announced, and it’s going to be December 2019 so we can have a nice, quiet cap to our bumper gaming year.

Wattam has 100 characters that you can get to know, play with, and chase while you focus on bringing the most to a new world with your creative chops. Ranging from toilets, to sushi, to tree and more, you’ll have a festive guide to take you through all the motions in style. Your goals as a player might seem pretty open-ended, but really, it’s just all about making friends with the inhabitants of the world. You get to learn their stories, to bring life to the environment around you, and to just enjoy existing in harmony with each other. It sounds like an absolutely relaxing time. 

Players can either tackle the trials and tribulations of growing this new world through the different seasons alone or with someone else in co-operative mode. Takahashi has said before that Wattam is a game that’s meant to make people notice how ordinary life can be beautiful too, and we reckon that’s something special in this day and age of AAA looter-shooters.

This sandbox adventure has a lot that will look familiar to fans of the Katamari series, with the addition of some puzzles and some oddities to set this experience apart from the rest in its own cute way. It’s been in development since 2015, so some of us have been waiting quite some time to see this delightful experience brought to life. We’ll update you when we know more about the exact date in December that you can expect Wattam to roll onto the PlayStation 4.

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