The Warhammer series took some interesting turns over the years, leading up to the release of two over-the-top action games from THQ, the satisfying Space Marine and the digital release, Kill Team. Fans, however, have been clamoring for the series to return to its massively multiplayer roots, and they'll get their wish.

The developers at Behaviour Interactive announced they have acquired the rights to create a new MMO in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and kicked off development on the project, titled Eternal Crusade.

In the game, you have four factions to choose from – the Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Eldar – and set out to overtake the planet with the help of your team.  You’ll be able to take over territories in battle and claim resources, but there’s also a new action-based angle, where you can finish off enemies with melee attacks and make use of vehicles like the Predators and Ork Battlewagons.  

Eternal Crusade is scheduled to release in late 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.