Tacticus Codes (February 2024)

Win all your fights with these Warhammer Tacticus codes!
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Updated February 20, 2024: We found a new code!

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I’ve always loved the Warhammer universe, especially 40K, since a grim, dark, dystopian future is my aesthetic. Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus on mobile is right up my alley as I assembled a team with all my favorite characters, no matter the fraction, and led them to victory!

With these Warhammer Tacticus codes, I got Scrolls, Tickets, and a vast amount of Blackstones and Coins, which I used to buy crates and upgrades and make my crew more powerful. If you like mobile RPG games, visit our Soul Knight Prequel Codes article and claim all the freebies before they expire!

All Tacticus Codes List

Tacticus Codes (Working)

  • ILOVEXENOS – Free rewards (New)
  • GRIMLOVE – Free rewards (New)
  • wesblackmane11 – x200 Blackstone, x5k Coins, and x1 Requisition Scroll (New)
  • SRSBSNS – x1 Common Combat Knife
  • SUMMON – x1 Requisition Scroll
  • WARHAMMER – x3k Coins and x200 Blackstone
  • WELCOME – x500 Blackstone
  • GALAXY – x300 Blackstone and x5k Coins
  • CAPS – x5 Raid Tickets
  • AHEM – x1 Blackstone

Tacticus Codes (Expired)

How to Redeem Codes in Tacticus

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes and claim your free goodies in Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus:

How to Redeem Codes in Tacticus
Screenshot by Prima Games
  1. Open Warhammer Tacticus on your device.
  2. Tap the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  3. Type the code into the Enter code here text box.
  4. Press the green Redeem button to send the reward to your in-game mailbox.

How Can You Get More Tacticus Codes?

Press CTRL+D to bookmark this page and return frequently to be the first one with the fresh Warhammer Tacticus codes. We are searching for new codes daily and will update this article as soon as we find some. Alternatively, head to social media to get all the latest news and updates. For that, use the links below:

Why Are My Tacticus Codes Not Working?

Warhammer Tacticus codes can fail to work for several reasons. First, you could have written it incorrectly. To avoid errors, enter the codes exactly as they are listed above or copy/paste them. Second, the code could be out of date. If this is the case, let us know so we can remove it from our list of working codes. Finally, you could have already used the code. Codes are only redeemable once!

How to Get Other Rewards in Tacticus

Besides freebies you get from Warhammer Tacticus codes, you can claim plenty of other free rewards. Log in daily to claim Shards, upgrades, Coins, and more as Daily Rewards. Complete Missions for Coins, Shards, Badges, and XP, and increase your Mission Level for even more goodies. Finish Achievements to get Blackstones and keep winning battles, as each win will grant you medals for Loot Crates. Additionally, Season Rewards will give you better loot for each tier you reach during the season.

What Is Tacticus?

Warhammer Tacticus is a squad-level turn-based tactical battle mobile game where you command various units through different battle scenarios. Promote your characters to increase their Health, Armor, and Damage, collect equipment such as weapons and gear, and apply upgrades to increase your character’s power. You can play multiple modes, such as Campaign, Arena, Raids, etc. I especially enjoy playing Onslaught, where you defeat waves of enemies to score fantastic loot.

If you’re looking for free rewards in your other favorite mobile games, check out our dedicated Codes section and claim all the freebies you can get your hands on.

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