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Warframe’s Shrine of Eidolon Update Adds New Eidolons and a Flying Vehicle

by Larryn Bell

Canadian independent game developer and publisher Digital Extremes is releasing yet another free update for Warframe players on PC. The Shrine of Eidolon update unleashes two gigantic Eidolons into The Plains of Eidolon, along with a new flying vehicle called the Dargyn.

Warframe Shrine of Eidolon update

The Plains of Eidolon is a massive open-world playground in Warframe where players can encounter huge goliaths called Eidolons. Today’s update introduces two new types of Eidolon – the Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst – each with their own unique capabilities and attributes.

The Gantulyst has a rock for an arm, which it uses to hurl huge balls of energy and energy beams in multiple directions. The Hydrolyst is a toxic Eidolon capable of creating toxic storm clouds that rains down poisonous Sentient energy. Facing these towering foes is a matter best left to the most experienced Tenno.

The Shrine of Eidolon update also has a little something for newer players as well. Players can pick up the Dargyn, a solo Grineer aircraft that features built-in weapons for taking down threats encountered across the Plains. Along with the existing Archwing, players both old and new now have another option for gliding across the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe.

Warframe’s Shrine of Eidolon update releases this week for free on PC. Check out the latest video from Digital Extremes above for a glimpse at the new Plains of Eidolon content.

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