We're looking forward to the Wii U when it launches in the U.S. on November 18th, and the many games we'll be able to play with the new device.  But one major note that a few people may have missed out on involves its accessibility.  See, if you bought any Virtual Console or WiiWare games for your original Wii, you'll be able to port those over at no charge, so you can keep on playing the classics and new titles with no problem.


We'll be revisiting our favorite WiiWare games for Wii U play later this week, but for this article, we thought we'd list some of our favorite Virtual Console games, which you can buy now and enjoy on your Wii, then port over to your Wii U for continued entertainment.


And for your convenience, we've divided these picks into systems, so you can hunt down our favorite choices without rooting through everything.  Because that's just how nice we are.  Here come our picks!


NES (500 points, or $5, each)


Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels – Because nothing beats classic Mario action, right? 


Kirby's Adventure- another fun platformer that's still fun after all these years


Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream- Mike Tyson's a no-show, but this boxing game still has some punch


Ninja Gaiden- a Tecmo classic that continues to show dedication to hardcore players everywhere


Metroid- Samus Aran's debut adventure is still a classic


Super C- Konami's sequel (where's the original?) has run and gun action for up to two players


Blades of Steel- a great hockey game from Konami; no stats, no official teams, just a lot of fun


Mega Man 2- our favorite of the Mega Man games, though 1 through 5 are available for the choosing


Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse- the first two games are available too, but this one is a must-play



SNES (800 points, or $8, each)


The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past- one of the best Zelda games ever made, period


Super Mario World- because another Mario classic never gets old


Donkey Kong Country- Rare's gorgeous platformer remains quite the sight today


Super Ghouls n' Ghosts- a title dedicated to players looking for an ultimate challenge – it's tough as hell


Super Metroid- a fine follow-up to the original – and what an ending!


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars- one of the last great 16-bit RPG's from Square Enix


Super Star Wars- the whole trilogy's here, but the original game is the best place to start


Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana- two great Square Enix RPG's that must be played to be believed (plus they're cheap!)



Nintendo 64 (1000 points, or $10, each)


Super Mario 64- the plumber's first foray into 3D is quite memorable…


Mario Kart 64- crazy fun, especially with three other players joining in


Star Fox 64- this space romp is a blast, whether you're alone or with friends


F-Zero X- a 60-frames per second futuristic racing thrill ride that doesn't let up, by any means


Paper Mario- a classic RPG that twists the Mario theme around to a nifty 2D level


Sin and Punishment (1200 points)- a classic import game that packs that genuine Treasure difficulty level


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- another classic Zelda experience that deserves to be played


Super Smash Bros.- beat-em-up action that still retains its greatness today


Sega Master System (500 points, or $5, each)


Sonic the Hedgehog- a swell deal for $5, especially since it never got a U.S. release


Alex Kidd in Shinobi World- still the best Alex Kidd game to date, plus it has ninjas!


Phantasy Star- a thrilling RPG with 3D elements and hours worth of gameplay; it rocks.


Sega Genesis (800 points, or $8, each)


Ristar- a difficult yet original platformer that'll have you playing till the very end


Gunstar Heroes- Treasure's rompous two-player shooter rocks, even after twenty years


ToeJam & Earl- a hilarious and entertaining romp through the weird side of humanity – jammin'!


Streets of Rage 2- one of the best brawlers ever made, and a good time with a friend in tow


Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master- one of the best Shinobi games out there, with brilliant level design and fun action


Sonic the Hedgehog 3- this could be argued, but this Sonic is definitely one of my favorites…


Eternal Champions- a brutal yet excellent brawler, this one's Overkills are worth the price of admission


Rolling Thunder 2- a fun two player shooter, and a quality sequel to Namco's arcade classic


Earthworm Jim/Earthworm Jim 2- two games that show testament to classic platforming; plus, they're loaded with laughs


TurboGrafx 16-TurboGrafx CD (800 points, or $8, each)


Splatterhouse- a gory yet giddy side-scrolling action game, with carnage and scares galore


Blazing Lasers- a classic "shmup" in every sense of the world, complete with crazy power-ups


Air Zonk- a side-scrolling shooter with all sorts of insane buddies to join you, including a bionic cow and rockets


Devil's Crush- pinball has never been this demonic – or, for that matter, this entertaining


Lords of Thunder- one of the best CD-produced shooters out there, packed with a thunderous soundtrack and challenging bosses


Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (900 points)- also known as Castlevania: Dracula X, this is the original game that never got a US release; definitely worth the cash


Neo-Geo (900 points, or $9, each)


Magician Lord- a fun side-scrolling action game with a magician that can change form and really do some damage


Baseball Stars 2- one of the best baseball games ever made, and even more fun playing against a friend


Metal Slug- the series got its start right here, complete with rolling tank and an arsenal of cool power-ups.  Heavy machine gun!


Samurai Shodown- one of the most balanced – and original – fighting games ever made.  Bloody, too!


Virtual Console Arcade (800 points, or $8, each)


Space Harrier- Sega's futuristic shooter looks amazing by the 80's arcade standard, thanks to 3D visuals and a variety of enemies


Zaxxon- a classic isometric shooter where you blast enemies in both space and through lunar bases, sending them to kingdom come


Ghosts n' Goblins- Challenging?  Yes.  Ridiculously fun?  Yes.  Just make sure you have knives.


Enjoy our picks, and check back for our WiiWare favorites soon!