There's a mysterious new faction that players can become a part of in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. The Newcomers are one of Seattle's biggest secrets, a faction that nobody knows where they came from other than somewhere in Europe. No one knows why they have exclusive access to the University District hunting grounds either, which puts this faction in a unique spotlight that players can explore within the game. 

According to Paradox Interactive, "The Temere have been historically kept out of Seattle - until Prince Cross suddenly allowed them access to the University District territory. Nobody seems to know quite what led the warlocks to make the journey from Europe to the far edge of America. Given the Camarilla's generosity, it's likely they paid a high price to enter the city. What that price was, no one's quite sure." 

The faction is also led by a very charismatic character named Professor Viktor Goga. In exchange for loyalty, he offers unlimited high-priority hunting grounds access. The city's Baron sees the professor as a major threat to his power, which almost certainly promises some juicy conflict throughout the game's progression. 

We don't have a release date unfortunately at this time, though the more we're learning about the different factions, the more excited we become. 

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