Valiant Hearts: The Great War Walkthrough – Chapter 1: Dark Clouds – Defeat Baron Von Dorf

Find out how to solve the poison gas and dynamite puzzles.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Free Walkthrough

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As soon as you gain control of Emile, head forward, walking through the building and out the other side to the officer with the sword and the revolver. Once he instructs you, head back and interact with the guy holding the bugle.

This part is essentially a tutorial of the controls, and none of them are the least bit difficult to master. Walk forward and beat up the dummy, then grab a grenade and blow up the next one using the on-screen instructions. Continue walking forward, smacking around another decoy before picking up some more grenades from the box. Toss one over the small barricade and take out the final dummy. Climb over another piece of cover and receive congratulations from your commander.

Move forward and approach the wheel at the bottom of the flagpole. Crank the wheel to raise the flag and complete your training. This should also cause Forward March to unlock, a trophy and achievement for raising your regiment’s flag.

After a short train ride, head to your left and you’ll get your first glimpse of Freddie. He’s the brute who is ready to take on the entire French army with his bare hands. Pull the lever just underneath the sign with the 20 on it, dispersing the soldiers to Freddie’s left. Next, head to the right and grab the bottle of wine from the guy below the Paris sign on the side of the train. Keep heading right and give the bottle of wine to the officer at the far end. It would seem this offering is enough to convince him to move out of your way.

Continue to the right until you reach another soldier who decided to block your access to a ladder. Move just a little bit further to the right where you’ll see four musicians. Numbering them from one to four, moving from left to right, this is the order they need to be activated in.

  • Musician #2
  • Musician #4
  • Musician #3
  • Musician #1

Once everyone is rocking and rolling, head up the ladder and make your way to the left until you’re in the main train car. You will find this just above the guy who you originally snagged the wine from. Pull the cord, disrupting the remaining soldiers harassing Freddie. Head down the ladder and meet up with your new American friend.

Follow your commander, and when he gives the word, start hauling butt to the right. When you begin to see shadows forming on the ground in front of you, avoid them. Shadows indicate an area that a bomb will hit. If the bomb goes off near you, you’ll be fine. If it goes off directly on top of you, well, we’re sure you can figure out the result. This also goes for machine gun fire. Don’t be afraid to pause for a second and wait it out. As you might expect, if one of the bullets hits you, you’ll die.

When you regain control, you’ll be playing as Freddie. Interact with the barbed wire fence in front of you to cut through it and continue on your way. When you can’t go any further, smash through the rubble, then cut through a second fence. Snag one of the hand grenades from the box and toss it so that it lands on top of the sandbags to clear the cart out of your way. Move forward and cut a third fence that blocks your progression.

Next, you have to deal with a bridge guarded by a machine gun nest. Pick up a hand grenade from the box, then approach the edge of the bridge. Aim the grenade up high, setting the arc so that it drops on top of the sand bags and just behind the ladder. Once the ladder is lowered, wait for the German soldier to begin reloading, then climb up and head to your right.

Grab a brick from the pile on the roof, then throw it behind the soldier guarding the next ladder. When he turns to investigate, climb down and punch him in the spine. Go back to your left, descend a third ladder and acquire a stick of dynamite from the box. Place the explosive on the wall where there’s an empty space and some broken wires, then blow it up with the detonator to the far left.

Now that those guys are out of the way, climb back up the ladder, move left and ascend to the roof of the broken bridge. Snag a grenade from the box and toss it on top of the box of dynamite below. This will cause the bridge to shift and allow passage to the right.

When you can’t run to the right any further, grab a brick from the pile on the ground, turn and throw it against the coiled ladder hanging above you. Climb up the ladder and move slightly to the right, being careful to avoid the machine gun fire.

Drop into the trench, waiting for the gunner to reload before you move forward. The exit to the second trench is blocked by a barbed wire fence, so again, wait for a break in the action before jumping up and cutting your way through it. The final trench will have some grenades waiting for you. Pick one up, then throw it above the German’s head and into the busted out part of the building above him. Snag a second grenade, then throw it in the same place, watching it bounce its way down into the enemy’s back pocket.

Once the coast is clear, move forward and smash through the debris to get your first look at Baron Von Dorf, the German that Freddie is after.

Wait for the machine gunner to take a break, then make your way forward, past the coiled ladder hanging above you. Smash through the wall and grab a bottle of wine that you’ll use to knock down the ladder. Once that’s done, grab a second bottle and throw it behind the soldier guarding the ladder. When he turns, climb up and attack him from behind.

With him down, go through the stairwell and up to the third floor. Smash out the boarded up window to the far right, then throw an object at the bell that hangs just outside. As soon as the guard moves to check it out, climb up the ladder and take him out before he turns back around. Next, move to the left and dispatch his buddy exactly the same way. For your final act of this section, approach the flag and rip it up in a fit of rage.

You’re back to play as Emile again, but this time you’re stuck in a POW camp that appears to be run by the dreaded Baron Von Dorf.

Head to the left where you’ll be blocked by a medic and his dog. In order to pass, you must backtrack just a bit and turn the wheel. This will fill the dog’s bowl and allow you to head inside. Go all the way to the left and grab the big cooking pot. Drag it to the right and leave it underneath the two barrels to the right. In order to progress, you must complete the cooking process in the following order:

  • Crank the wheel to the left of the pot, filling it with water.
  • Pull the lever to the far right to start the fire.
  • Yank the chain hanging from the ceiling to add the food.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming the camp’s chef, drag the pot of food out and to the table where Baron Von Dorf is socializing. This will trigger a bombing raid, so run to your left, avoiding the big shadows of death and sprinting inside as fast as you can.

Once you come to, instruct your new canine companion, Walt, to drag you out of the rubble and to safety. This is a perfect opportunity to thank your new friend by approaching and pressing the button to interact with him. This will unlock Good Doggy, a trophy and achievement for petting Walt.

Smash through the debris to the right, then approach the buried soldier and pull him to safety. Continue moving along until you reach a box of wine bottles. Grab one and move forward until you find some hanging artillery shells. Just above and to the right you’ll see a lever stuck in a tree. Throw a bottle to knock the lever down, then instruct Walt to retrieve it for you. Use the lever to move the shells out of your path and then continue on your way.

Both Emile and Walt need to stand on the cart with the two artillery shells, at which point you can toss a wine bottle at the lever to raise the two of you to the third level platform. Step off the platform and head to the right and down two ladders. Continue along until you find some loose dirt, digging your way down to an underground tunnel. Do not go past the ladder in the tunnel. If you touch the buried shells, they’ll blow up and kill you. Head down the ladder to the very bottom, then go right and smash through another pile of debris to reach the open air again.

As soon as you go down a hill and reach a small dip, Walt will start to dig up a bone. Take the bone from him and throw it at the shells to the far right to detonate them. Dig your way inside another tunnel, then continue burrowing through the loose dirt, making your way to Walt as you avoid the artillery shells scattered throughout the area.

You’re back in control of Freddie, and you need to save Walt and Emile. Don’t worry, even though the music would have you believe otherwise, this isn’t a timed event. Head forward, taking cover behind the barricades, busting through and moving up every time the machine gun stops to reload.

Make your way inside another tunnel and notice that you need to help a fellow soldier out with a bit of a dynamite problem. Before you begin, look at the four boxes of explosives, each one with an image on the front. If you look closely, each picture is different, showing a one stick, two sticks, three sticks and four sticks of dynamite. If you look up, you’ll see three positions to move the platform that the soldier is standing on. To the far right is a wheel that allows you to move the platform to each of the positions. Here is how you solve the puzzle.

When the platform is in its starting position to the far right, grab a two stick bundle of dynamite and toss it to your friend. Next, move his platform to the middle, then throw him a three stick bundle. Lastly, move the platform to the far left, and again, pick up a two stick bundle and chuck it to the soldier. Once this is done, move back to the left and use the detonator to set off the explosion.

Make your way through the tunnel, then climb up a series of ladders to see your pals Emile and Walt in a little bit of trouble. Take control of the artillery, aim it at the tractor and take it out. This will cause A New Friendship is Born to unlock, a trophy and achievement for saving your buddies from their impending doom.

Once you regain control, use your bolt cutters to free Walt from the barbed wire, then cut Emile’s shackles off. How’s that for the feels?

As soon as you gain control of Emile, send Walt under the gas to activate the lever on the other side. Head past the platform with the two chains and dig a hole in the loose ground just ahead. Drop through the ground and use the down lever to lower the chains and hook onto the box. Use the up lever to raise the box all the way to the top, instructing Walt to climb up on it. Switch to the down lever and lower Walt to the same level that you’re standing on. Jump on the box yourself, then instruct your companion to use the down lever and deliver you to the bottom level.

Once again, it’s puzzle time. Head all the way to the right and drag the cart all the way back to the left side where the box you used to get down there is sitting. Tell your puppy friend to raise the box, then slide your cart underneath it. Tell Walt to lower the crate one more time and you should have two boxes stacked on top of one another.

Move the two boxes so they are on the platform below the broken pipe and to the left of the lever. Pull the lever, raising the boxes and sealing off the gas leak. Next, tell Walt to push the lever to the far right on his level, then focus your attention on the wheel to the right of the machine. Turn the wheel until you get a mini cut scene that shows the pressure building on that side. Move over to the left side, then adjust that wheel in the same manner. Once the pressure starts to build there as well, you’ve solved the puzzle.

With that mess behind you, meet up with Freddie on the top level. Run forward and avoid the bombs, smashing your way through some debris to get to cover. Once you’re inside another tunnel system, break the barricade to the right and pick up a basket. Carry the basket to the left, attaching it to the rope. Tell Walt to get inside the basket, then use the lever to raise him up. With your canine on the top level, instruct him to lower the ladder so you can join him up there.

At this point, Walt should have a bone in his mouth. Take the bone, using it as a lever to save Freddie from the gas attack above. Once you’re all reacquainted, run as fast as you can to the right and dig through the loose dirt before the gas reaches and kills you. Continue running until you’re rescued by a woman named Anna.

Now that you’ve taken control of Anna, driving Emile, Freddie and Walt to safety, it’s time to dodge a few bombs and some random machine gun fire. We found it best to try and stay in the middle of the road when there’s a break in the assault. This allows you to move left or right, depending on the direction the threat is coming from. Generally speaking, once the first bomb is dropped, try and move to where it landed. Similar to lightning, they don’t seem to strike the same place twice.

Soon you’ll be back in control of Emile, and of course, Walt will be by your side and ready for action. Rather than climb out of the trench yourself, move to the far left side, then tell Walt to grab a grenade. Move back to the right side of the trench and toss the grenade on top of the barricade blocking your escape.

Continue to move right, smashing the debris that blocks you and entering the door at the far end. Once you emerge, you’ll see some wooden barricades. Use these to stay hidden from the German patrol that likes to travel up and down the pathway. When you reach the far right side, tell your puppy to go through the small tunnel and to the other side.

Still avoiding the patrol, head back to the left until you spot some bolt cutters on Walt’s side of the sand bags. Have him pick them up, then head back to the far right and tell him to meet you back on your side. Take the bolt cutters from Walt, using them to cut your way through the barbed wire fence that stands in your road. Drop through the hole in the ground, then climb up the ladder to get back to ground level.

Pay close attention to the image of the soldier in the top left of your screen. When he begins to doze off, move through the open area and take cover. He won’t stay unaware for long, so keep timing your movements and take advantage of his poor performance as a guard. When you reach a second guard who stands at the entrance you want to use, tell Walt to distract him and then bop the dude over on the head with your shovel.

Go through the door and tell Walt to drag the wounded soldier out of the way, then send him through the doggy hole to the other side of the sandbags. Smash through the debris to the right, then look through the window and tell your canine companion to pick up the dynamite on the other side. Call him back to you, then move left yourself. Allow Walt to carry one stick for you, then pick up a second explosive from the ground as you head for a trench, keeping a keen eye out for the machine gun nest overlooking your position. Once in the trench, attach the two sticks of dynamite to the loose wires, then backtrack to grab the detonator that was laying on the ground near the explosive you picked up. Set the detonator up at the loose wire outside the foxhole, then blow it to smithereens.

Head into the tunnel entrance, then go right and crank the wheel to bring the cart to your position. Once you let go, the cart will begin to roll. Stay behind it, using it as cover from the machine gun nest keeping an eye on this area.

When you get to the other side, dig a hole halfway into the ground, not dropping completely through until the guard is looking the other way. When he’s not facing you, drop down and take cover behind one of the wooden barriers. Go all the way to the right, then inside another door. Grab the barrel on the left and drag it away from the wall, then hop over and dig a hole through to the other side. Pick up a bottle of wine from the box, then make your way back out the door you just entered through.

Head to your right, then use the bottle of wine to distract the guard by throwing it over his head. When he’s not looking, bash his brains in, then go through that door and grab the lever laying on the ground to the left. Exit the room, backtrack just a bit, then use the lever to lower Walt down into the tunnel with you.

Making sure to avoid the other guard in the area, move to the far left with Walt, instructing him to crawl under the wooden barricade to grab the keys you need to access the medical supplies. Take the keys, open the door and head inside.

Smash some debris, then head through another door and go to your right. Turn the wheel to move the hook all the way to the left, then pull the lever to pick up a handle on the ground. Use the wheel to bring the handle to the middle area, then backtrack out of the room. Go left, pushing a phone booth looking structure out of your way to reveal another door. Go inside, then tell Walt to pull the lever and lower the handle to you. Pick it up, leave the room, then head to the right to open the gate that is blocking your path.

Once you climb back to ground level, take control of some artillery and aim it at the machine gun nest in the distance. Once it’s down, Baron Von Dorf will make his escape and you’ll be back on the road with your ragtag group unlikely heroes.

Take control of Freddie, then wait for the bombs to let up before climbing the ladder. Keep ducking and dodging the incoming ordnance until you smash through some debris and see Baron Von Dorf off in the distance.

Now it’s time to take control of Emile so you can move some debris that stands in your way. Unfortunately, you’re not strong enough and need the assistance of a few people in the area.

First, head to your left and tell Walt to drag the trapped man to safety. Then, have him pick the lever up off the ground and go all the way to your right and into a building. Go through the door that leads to the bottom level. If Walt doesn’t already have the lever in his mouth, give it to him and tell him to get on the left at the far right of the structure. Go back to the middle level, then use the wheel to deliver him, and the handle to the top floor where the civilian is trapped. Once the lever and civilian are in place, tell your canine pal to pull the handle to complete this task.

Next, head into the building on the left side of the area and close to where you saved the first guy who was trapped in some rubble. Smash some debris, then drag a cabinet to the left so a little girl can get back to her parents. Before you leave this area, push the cabinet all the way to the right and grab the bolt cutters that are laying on the ground nearby.

For your last good deed of the day, head up to the second level of the building, then climb a ladder to the third. Use your bolt cutters to cut the chain on the far left, saving the man from the fire that was about to engulf him.

Head back to ground level, enlisting the assistance of the people you saved and pushing the fallen obstacle out of your way.

With that out of your way, drop through the hole, then climb a ladder to get back to ground level. Continue to move to your right until you are face to face with Baron Von Dorf, the grenade tossing fool who means to harm you.

For this fight, you’ve got access to four sets of piano keys, one of which is controlled by Walt. Baron Von Dorf will be in some type of hanging trolley, and he’s a big fan of throwing grenades at you.

From the trolley’s starting position, tell Walt to hit the keys just as Baron Von Dorf tries to throw a grenade. This will cause him to drop it, dealing him the first of three blows needed, and forcing him to move to the window on the left side. Just be careful not to admire your work until you’re clear of any grenades he lobbed at you.

Have Walt hit the keys again, this time moving the trolley to the left. When you’re clear of any handheld explosives that might be headed your way, press the keys in the middle of the organ to deal another critical hit to your enemy. That’s two out of three.

Lastly, press the keys on the right to raise the trolley, then have your puppy pal hit his to again move it closer to the left side of the room. To finish off Baron Von Dorf, press the keys on the far left side of the organ.

While that is the end of the battle for Emile and Walt, Freddie hasn’t had his turn just yet. Baron Von Dorf will still toss grenades at you, but some fail to explode. Pick these up off the ground to use against him.

It’s going to take three grenades to finish this scrap. Use the first one on the propeller to the right. Lob it up, landing the explosive on top of it, nestled just behind the spinning blades. Next up, grab another dud grenade from the ground, then toss it directly into the spinning propeller to the left. This will destroy the blades, allowing you to toss a third grenade directly on top of the engine. Once this is done, you’ve completed the first of four chapters in Valiant Heart: The Great War.

At this point, you should unlock It’s All Fire and Death Now, a trophy and achievement for completing the first chapter.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Free Walkthrough

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