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Uh Oh… Minecraft Legends Has Already Leaked on eBay

It's like 90s again with people breaking street dates and all that.

by Nikola L
What Is the Release Date for Minecraft Legends

One thing’s certain; digital storefronts have not annihilated the physical game copy production so far (and they never should). This opens up a safe space for true human nature to pop out and do its deed. What’s this all about? Well, nothing special, and nothing out of the ordinary. Just someone getting their hands on a stock of Minecraft Legends before the official street date.

Minecraft Legends should be released on April 18, 2023, but this person claims that they have a stock of physical copies of Minecraft Legends for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and they are ready to sell them!

How Did Someone Get Their Minecraft Legends Copies Before the Street Date?

Well, the supply chain of delivery of the physical media that’s supposed to be on display on a specific date works in a way where the delivery of these sealed boxes needs to be there days (or weeks) prior to the release date so that the store owners (whether it’s a small, family-owned store, or a big corporate chain of stores that exist nation-wide) can set up a display in time for the official release date.

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Now, I am not making any accusations, but this is either someone in charge of the shipment going rogue (someone from the distribution/delivery/sale chain) or just a theft of someone’s stock. For various and mostly obvious reasons, we’re not going to provide a link to this listing.

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Is It True That Someone Got Their Minecraft Legends Copies Before the Street Date?

Despite the open possibility of someone snagging a stock of Minecraft Legends discs… This eBay listing may or may not be truthful. When you are making purchases from a third party, you always should be on your toes. However, we can easily see these factors that contribute to the reputation of this seller (not that we are advocating for you to make a purchase there).

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  • The seller has a 100% positive rating.
  • The seller has 690 positively rated transactions.
  • The seller has made 1200 sales.
  • The seller has had this eBay account since March 1, 2007.
  • The seller put a paper with the date of the listing written on it.

There is always an option that someone will ride this hype wave and photoshop fake CD case covers, and list them as real to try and scam people. I mean, I’ve seen everything in the trading world, from people sending bricks instead of iPhones, to some things that I cannot unsee.

Would You Be Able To Play Minecraft Legends Before Release If You Bought This eBay Listing?

I guess not. Because Minecraft Legends will probably require you to be online at all times (at least for the multiplayer, obviously). If we get a gameplay leak of the Single Player, we’ll update the article. Just for the record, I am against “always online” shenanigans and I am a game preservationist, and I stand by the consumer rights of people worldwide. We should be able to play single-player stuff without an Internet connection.

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Prima Games will certainly try to cover Minecraft Legends as much as possible, so you can bookmark our Minecraft Legends game tag that’s right under this article. See you soon at Prima Games!

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