Ubisoft had its quarterly earnings call with investors today. The studio boasted record-breaking numbers for games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It also mentioned that it would be working on more free-to-play titles.

Ubisoft Pushing Further Into The Free to Play Market, New Games Revealed This Year

As Ubisoft moves into more live-service games like The Division and Rainbow Six Siege, it’s not entirely surprising to see them talk about moving into the free-to-play space more heavily.

Ubisoft stated on the call that it would use existing and new IP to push further into the F2P space. It is also working on a new mobile title with Tencent. 

This was followed by Ubisoft stating that it wants AAA experiences on mobile. The Tencent partnership will play into that in some significant way. 

Ubisoft had plenty of other things to talk about, like Rainbow Six Siege crossing the 70 million player mark and that the switch to more RPG focused Assassin’s Creed has maintained higher player retention for the franchise. 

What type of mobile games will we see from Ubisoft? What will their new free-to-play games look like? Well, Ubisoft said we would see some of them this year, so it’s only a matter of time before those start trickling out. 

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