Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 9: Heart of Kaon – Ascension

Take out a series of Titans as you make your way into the heart of Koan!

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Ascend to the upper levels of Kolkular. 

Use the debris to climb up to the top level, then adjust your loadout at the terminal. Continue up the debris until you reach the door. Pry it open, then take down the drones and Decepticons in the next room. Heat-seeking missiles work best on the drones, but anything with a bit of range works just as well. 

Continue to the next waypoint and pry open the door, then adjust your loadout at the terminal just beyond (if need be). Take down the three Decepticons in the next room, then head to the waypoint to plant the Thermal-Core Detpak. Head into the next room and take down the handful of Decepticons. 

Objective: Access the Central Command Terminal. 

At this point, you need to make your way through the laser gates to the right in order to deactivate the shielding around the turrets. There are several laser gates that block your way to the terminals that control the shielding. Near each gate is a power source. Destroy the power source to drop the laser gate, then access the terminal beyond to lower the shielding around the turrets. Once all of the turrets are down, take care of any remaining Decepticons and access the main terminal in the middle. 

Objective: Ascend to Shockwave’s Lab.

Objective: Recover the Dark Spark. 

Head to the next waypoint and pry open the door. Take out the turrets and Decepticons beyond, then pry open the door at the end. In the next room is a Titan, as well as a few grunt Decepticons. Take down the grunts first, then focus on the Titan. Move as far away as possible from the missiles it uses. When it puts up a shield (turns blue), attack the two red objects on either side to drop it. While the shield is up you can’t do much damage. Do not approach it, as its melee attack is far more powerful than yours. If you run out of ammo for any reason, drop down to the bottom level to get more, then use the blue pylon to get back up to the top. 

With the Titan down, head through the newly opened door, then pry open the next door. If you need to adjust your loadout, a terminal is located up the ramp and to the left. Pry open the next door to watch a cut-scene. 

Objective: Defeat the Dark Spark corrupted Autobots. 

The battle against Megatron is an interesting one. In addition to fighting Megatron, you also face off against fallen Autobots controlled by the Dark Spark. When the battle begins, focus on the Autobots and take them down as quickly as possible. Once they’re down, quickly attack Megatron. It doesn’t take much to make him run for the center to charge the Dark Spark again. 

Every time the Dark Spark is being charged, four columns appear with bull’s-eyes on them. You need to shoot those bull’s-eyes to defeat Megatron. When the targets are visible, ignore everything else and focus on taking down at least one before the charge is complete. The Autobots will continually reanimate, so be careful of any seemingly dead Transformers near your position. If the Autobots get close, use air dashes to get away. There’s health and ammo scattered around the room if you need it. 

While attacking the columns, stay away from the middle. If you’re too close, Megatron comes out with his spinning melee attack that is difficult to dodge and inflicts significant damage. Continue to move around the outside of the area with air dashes, taking out Autobots but focusing on Megatron when he’s attacking. You can’t gain access to the columns unless Megatron is damaged enough to recharge the Dark Spark. Destroy all four columns to complete the chapter.

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