Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 7: Backdoor to Kaon – Infiltration

Cliffjumper gets captured, and it's time to bring the pain to the Decepticons.

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Infiltrate Kolkular via the lower levels. 

Head down the highway, following the waypoint marker. Make a left at the first fork and take down the Decepticons as they appear. When you reach the door at the waypoint, pry it open and shoot the vents ahead (marked by the bull’s-eye). 

Drop down and head left to find another door that needs to be pried open. Head around the corner and use your shield throw to take down the turrets in the next room with ease. Pry open the next door and engage the Decepticons just beyond. Once you’ve taken down the first wave of enemies, a new waypoint appears that leads to a terminal. Engage the next wave of enemies, then head to the terminal and access it to override the lockdown. 

Objective: Get across the Recycling Pits

Objective: Clear the area of Decepticon forces. 

Head to the next waypoint, taking out Decepticons as you move. Pry open the door, then let Jazz blast the second door. Shoot the terminal at the bull’s-eye ahead, but do not drop down into the area below. A large number of Decepticons attack and it’s much easier (and safer) to take them down from your higher vantage point instead of dropping down into the area. If they all move out of sight, then you can drop down, but it shouldn’t get to that point. 

Objective: Continue to the Central Hub. 

Once you’ve taken down enough Decepticons, make your way around to the gate (the next waypoint) and smash through it. Jump through the opening, head around the corner and pry open the next door. Adjust your loadout at the terminal on the left if need be, then continue towards the waypoint, taking down the Decepticons that attack along the way. 

When you open the next door, a Decepticon attacks immediately, so be ready for it. Just ahead is a laser security system. Shoot the terminal straight ahead, just beyond the lasers to shut it down, then take out the Decepticons on the other side. Continue to make your way towards the waypoint, destroying the terminals beyond the laser gates to get through. Decepticons lie in wait behind each one, so take your time as you proceed. 

To reach the last terminal that takes down the final gate, you need to blow the gate on the far right and circle around to higher ground. From the higher vantage point, you can target the terminal and take down the gate. When you do, even more Decepticons attack. Stay on the higher platform and shoot them from above, with plenty of cover to evade their attacks and recharge your shield. Once all of the Decepticons are down, head through the newly opened door as you make your way towards the next waypoint. 

Objective: Locate and free Cliffjumper. 

Pry open the next door and take down the Decepticons beyond. If you stay near the door, it’s much easier to avoid their attacks. Once the first wave of enemies are down, two larger Decepticons appear. Stay back and riddle them with your guns. Do not engage them at close range if you can avoid it, and be prepared for their charge attack that covers a fair distance. 

Once those two are down, more normal Decepticons attack. Take them out and continue towards the next waypoint. Adjust your loadout at the terminal on the right as you make your way through the hallway. Several more Decepticons attack just after the loadout terminal. Defeat them, then proceed into the next room. 

Objective: Defend Jazz.

Head around to the left side, take out the enemy there and move around behind the other Decepticons to get a better angle of attack. You can use the turret in the back, but you’ll fail the optional challenge. Once they’re all down, there’s a brief pause, then Decepticons come into the room from both sides. Shortly after the attack begins, the two turrets on the ceiling activate again. 

Take out the enemies as they come into the room, but shift your focus to the turrets as soon as they activate. You have to take them down quickly or else Jazz will die and the mission will fail. Once the turrets are down, continue focusing on the normal enemies, taking them out as they enter the room. Missiles work best in this situation, but if you’re a good shot, anything will do. 

Objective: Clear the area of Decepticons.

Objective: Check on Cliffjumper.

Once Jazz has had enough time to free Cliffjumper, you’ll need to finish off the remaining Decepticons, then head over to Cliffjumper to complete the chapter.

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