Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 14: Robotic Research Division – Locked Down

You're closing in on Lockdown. Learn how to find and dispatch the mercenary for hire!

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Head deeper into facility. 

Pry open the door ahead and make your way through the corridors. Stop at the terminal to adjust your loadout if need be, then take out the small group of mercenaries that attack in the next room. There are a few more mercenaries as you make your way toward the next waypoint. When you arrive, blast the bull’s-eye to proceed. 

Objective: Find and take an alternate route. 

Head through the new opening and pry open the next door. The next section features several laser traps. Simply wait until the lasers turn off, then quickly move through. If there are enemies behind the lasers, take them out first, then move past the lasers. 

Objective: Link up with Drift. 

Keep moving toward the next waypoint and blast the bull’s-eye to proceed. In the next room, several more enemies attack. There’s plenty of heavy weapon (yellow) ammo in this room, so feel free to use your more powerful weapon to make quick work of these mercenaries. Keep moving toward the next waypoint until you meet up with Drift.

Objective: Confront Lockdown. 

Head down the corridor and through the next doorway (no need to pry this one open), then drop down to the corridor below and to the left and continue toward the next waypoint. There are several more enemies, including a more powerful Titan-like enemy down the next corridor. Like the last one, there’s ammo for your heavy weapon here, so blast away knowing you can reload after the battle. 

Continue through the next few doors to find another loadout terminal. It’s recommended to use the Riot Cannon as your primary weapon and the Thermo Rocket Cannon as your heavy weapon. Once your loadout is ready, head to the left and through the next two doors to engage Lockdown.

Objective: Survive.

During the first wave of enemies, ignore Lockdown at the far end of the room. There are a number of standard issue mercenaries scattered around the room. Take them down, then snipers appear above. If you have the Thermo Rocket Cannon, it’s easy to lock-on to the snipers and destroy them.

Objective: Destroy stabilizers.

Objective: Defeat Lockdown. 

As soon as the bull’s-eyes appear that pinpoint the location of the stabilizers, circle around the center pillar and take out the three stabilizers to trigger a cut-scene. The battle against Lockdown is next, and it’s fairly straightforward so long as you know the best strategy. 

While Lockdown is hanging on the center pylon, shoot at him as much as you can. You won’t do any damage, but he won’t use his portal attack if you continuously shoot him. This also brings him down to the ground much faster. He will teleport as you move the camera to look in his direction. Instead of doing this, keep the camera facing away from him and move in the direction the camera is facing. Lockdown will automatically teleport toward you, almost perfectly lining up with your crosshairs.

Once Lockdown is on the ground, don’t bother shooting your guns. The only way you can damage him is with melee attacks. Move up to him, weaving left and right to avoid his gunfire. When you’re within melee range, use a melee attack, then immediately dodge backward. Repeat this until Lockdown slams his fist into the ground, causing a slowdown effect. As soon as you see this attack, use Prime’s ability to put a shield up to defend against Lockdown’s attacks while the game is slowed down. Repeat this process until Lockdown is defeated.

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