Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 10: The Jungle – Hunted

Pick up the Nucleon Charge Rifle and snipe your enemies into oblivion!

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Eliminate the enemies guarding the cliffs.

Objective: Pick up a sniper rifle.

Make your way up the cliff, taking down the Decepticons along the way. You can make it across the damaged bridge by walking along the right support beam. Blow open the door at the top, take down the one enemy that attacks, then pick up the Nucleon Charge Rifle to the left. 

Objective: Cover Drift from the cliffs above.

Objective: Move up to the next sniper point. 

Head to the next waypoint and use the Nucleon Charge Rifle to snipe the enemies below. Most will be cloaked, but if you wait for their blue tracking lasers to appear, simply shoot the focal point of the lasers to hit your target. Once the first batch of enemies are down, move up to the next waypoint and take down the enemies below in the same manner (although these enemies are not cloaked). 

Jump across the valley, air dash and use the grappling hook ability to reach the far side, then continue to the next waypoint (which is the edge of the cliff you just reached).  Take down the enemies that appear in your previous location, as well as a few down below, then head to the next waypoint to make quick work of more enemies in the canyon below. 

Objective: Scout the next canyon.

Several enemies attack in your vicinity. Take them out, then continue toward the next waypoint. Adjust your loadout at the terminal on the left. When you reach the open area, a sniper attacks from above. If you can shoot him down, do so. However, if you wait until he charges toward you, kill him with a melee attack to complete the optional challenge. 

More snipers attack, but you need to take them down quickly so you can assist Drift below. Once they’re down, quickly head to the edge of the cliff and snipe the enemies. More snipers will appear, but with the enemies below taken out, you can take your time with these. 

Objective: Find an entrance to the facility courtyard. 

Air dash over the damaged bridge and shoot the bull’s-eye target to the right to help Drift get up to the top. Head toward the next waypoint (following Drift), and take down the Decepticon mercenaries inside. Adjust your loadout at the terminal on the left, then continue to follow Drift toward the next waypoint. Take down the enemies in the outside area, then grapple up to the top of the tower just ahead. From this vantage point, take down the enemies below to initiate another cut-scene. 

Objective: Find another entrance into the facility.

Objective: Get security clearance to enter the facility.

Make quick work of the handful of mercenaries that attack, then head toward the next waypoint. Adjust your loadout at the terminal if need be, then use the grapple ability to reach the beam above. Air dash across and continue toward the waypoint. 

When you reach the next open area, take out the mercenaries on the ground, but ignore the larger enemies on the walkway above for the time being. Head to the right and grapple up to the area above. Now you need to take down the two larger mercenaries. They have very heavy armor and it will take a lot of firepower to bring them down. They also pack quite a punch, so you need to stick and move, attacking while you have shield, then dropping to the area below and taking cover when you don’t.

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