Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 4: Kalis Canyon – Possession

How to support Shockwave, escape the canyon and bring the power systems online.

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Objective: Meet up with Shockwave.

Objective: Find the Dark Spark. 

Head toward the next waypoint to meet up with Shockwave, then continue up the ramp on the right. There are half a dozen Autobots between your current position and the Dark Spark. Take them out one at a time until only Ironhide is left. At this point, cloak yourself and use a cloaked attack to complete the challenge. Just make sure you don’t attack until you’re within range, because Ironhide packs quite a punch if you’re not careful. If you’re not concerned with the challenge, switch to the Corrosive Slime Cannon (if you have it) to make quick work of Ironhide. 

Objective: Move through the tunnels.

Objective: Support Shockwave through the canyon. 

Follow Shockwave into the open room. You automatically transform into insect mode. Fly high into the air and move over to the right to find a group of enemies down below near four bull’s-eyes. You need to destroy the bull’s-eyes as quickly as you can. Focus on them before the enemies, and only target the enemies if you’re in danger of losing your shield. Fly over the upper platform if you need to take cover while your shield regenerates. 

Once all four bull’s-eyes are down, the energy barrier drops and Shockwave can move through. If you’re too slow, Shockwave will die, so speed is of the essence. Repeat this process to lower the next barrier and stay at maximum range, high in the sky to avoid as much damage from the enemies below as possible. There’s health and ammo located on the upper platforms if you need it. 

Once all of the barriers are down, two larger enemies appear. Take them out from maximum range to initiate a cut-scene and proceed to the next objective. 

Objective: Escape the canyon.

Objective: Enter the tomb.

Objective: Bring the power systems online.

Walk over and pick up the Moleculon Fuse, then head up the ramp and air dash to the platform, then across to the far side. Install the fuse at the waypoint, then head through the door. Pick up the next Moleculon Fuse at the waypoint and install it at the next waypoint that appears. 

You need to do this one more time, but this time you need to grab the fuse and head up the ramps to the series of floating platforms. Use air dashes on the longer jumps as you circle around the room until you reach the top and install the fuse at the waypoint. Follow the next waypoint marker all the way down to the lowest level and pull the lever to proceed to the next objective.  

Objective: Move to Shockwave’s position.

Objective: Escape the tomb.

Head back toward Shockwave (the next waypoint), and take down the five Autobots that attack along the way. Follow Shockwave and plant a Thermal-core Detpak at the base of the debris. Follow Shockwave into the open area to complete the chapter.

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