Bethesda has confirmed there will “definitely” not be developer tools on the disk with the release of Fallout 3 on the PC.

It still might happen, but not on the console versions, where too many “barriers” are present.

"It will definitely not be included on the disk," Todd Howard stated in a fan interview on the Bethesda forum.

"If and when one is available it will be a free download. I wish I could promise that an editor will be coming and when, but I can't.

"As far as consoles go, that's not happening for this game and user content. It's something we keep talking about with Microsoft and Sony, but there are a lot of barriers there right now, from delivery to security.

"We'd love to see that happen," stated Howard. "I'd love to see Oblivion content created by PC users available to all platforms, because the data is the same, most of them would pretty much 'work' right away."

Howard went on to explain a lot of the mechanics in Fallout 3 are similar to those of Oblivion, though tweaked and streamlined to help create a less expansive but much more focused story, with greater possibilities for multitudes of outcomes.

Howard also stated that an announcement of the full set of skills is imminent in the next few weeks. He went on to explain that the traits from the previous Fallout games have been rolled into Perks. The player will be given the choice of a perk, of which there are around 100, upon leveling up.

There is to be a cap at 20 levels potentially giving the player 19 skill decisions. It isn’t possible to experience all the perks in a single playthrough, a point Howard stated as “important”, emphasizing that customization is to be deliberately full of difficult decisions.

Post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 3 is due out in October this year, visit the hub for more info.