Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent Plot Summary

A recap the characters, locations, and storyline of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent


Samuel Fisher, aka “Sam”


Sam is veteran Black Ops & Cover Ops, ex Navy Seal who is an expert in urban warfare, espionage, infiltration, weaponry, and master in stealth tactics. Because of his skill set and was the first Recruit for NSA, Third Echelon, AKA: “Splinter Cell”.

Sarah Fisher


She is Sam’s only child and has an inclination of what her dad does. At the age of 22 she is killed by a drunk driver while her father is on a mission in Iceland.

Irving Lambert


He is the Operations Director for Third Echelon and Sam’s handler. He is the bridge that connects Splinter Cell Agents to a specialized team monitoring them and feeding them vital information. He is killed during the end of the mission.

Emile Dufraisne


He is the leader of John Brown’s Army, a domestic terror orginization, that Fisher is sent to infiltrate. He is killed by Fisher.


Sam has to travel all across the Democratic Republic of Congo, China and New York in order to complete his mission.        


Sam is taken off of active service when he is overwhelmed with grief after learning that his only child was killed by a drunk driver. In order to help get Fisher back on his feet Lambert offers him to become a NOC, nonofficial cover operative. He must then infiltrate the organization called John Brown’s Army and does this by being sent to prison and then helping one of the JBA members escape. Sam is then welcomed onto their organization and meets Dufraisne who immediately challenges Fishers loyalty. Fisher is then sent to China in order to spy on Dufraisne, for the CIA, and steal notes from a rouge nuclear scientist, who is selling thermo nuclear materials, for the JBA. Fisher bugs the room where the meeting will be held and then breaks into the scientist’s room and steals the notes, just before Fisher is about to leave the NSA orders the scientist’s assassination. Loyalties are again tested when Fisher is asked to test a bomb on a cruise ship. Fisher is then sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo to spy on a meeting between Dufraisne and the other terrorist leaders. When Fisher gets back to JBA headquarters he is ordered to kill Labert, who was caught sneaking around. Lambert dies by either Fisher or the JBA member who caught him. Fisher then heads to the lab where he kills Dufraisne and disarms the bomb. As the SWAT team breaks into the compound Fisher is able to escape capture.

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