Todd Howard Channels Iconic “It Just Works” Energy When Asked About Starfield PC Optimization

Sometimes, it doesn't just work.

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Todd Howard is a bit of an enigma in the games industry. While he’s known for heading up the development of such major titles as Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Skyrim, he’s also a bit silly when it comes to his more public appearances. It’s hard to forget his classic line “It just works”, a line that’s been memed to death thanks to Bethesda’s games often being known for their buggy nature. When interviewed by Bloomberg alongside Xbox head Phil Spencer, Todd channeled some of that energy in a rather hilarious way.

During the Bloomberg interview (which you can watch above), Todd was asked about why the studio didn’t optimize Starfield for PC. In classic Todd fashion, he responded by saying “we did” followed by saying “you may need to upgrade your PC” for Starfield. Ah, the classic “just get a better PC”.

While Todd is right, fans are responding awesomely, there are plenty of performance concerns across the PC community. The biggest concern of all is how the only available upscaler is AMD’s FSR2, with no native support for DLSS or XeSS. Even outside of that omission, other players have reported serious instability when it comes to framerate. Our work chat has mentioned numerous times now how framerates will often dip below playable.

However, that’s where modders have come in to fill the game. One great example is the Starfield Upscaler, which introduces DLSS and XeSS into the game and heavily improves performance on Nvidia and Intel graphics cards. There’s a handful of other performance mods that help a ton, and we even included some in one of our recent articles.

Regardless, it is great to see that Todd hasn’t changed with his “sweet little lies”. He’s still the man we knew over a decade ago, and it’s comforting if accidentally hilarious. Never change Todd, never change.

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