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The Initiative’s First Game is Perfect Dark

by Lucas White

During the 2020 Game Awards, Xbox Game Studios revealed what its newly-formed Initiative studio has been working on. And it’s a pretty big deal for fans of Rare’s Nintendo 64 era. After a ton of eerie, cryptic first-person footage introducing a world of technological progress with sinister corporate undertones, the title was revealed. It’s Perfect Dark.

Microsoft trying to do something with Perfect Dark ever since the ill-fated Perfect Dark Zero has been a rumor (or wishful thinking) in some form for years. The ironic part about it here is that Rare wasn’t named in the trailer at all, so it’s unclear if this is all new developers and nobody from the original games participating, or if it’s all purely the new staff at The Initiative.

No release date, gameplay footage, or anything else was provided. This is purely a teaser trailer-slash-announcement, much like Microsoft’s other big titles from Xbox Game Studios. We’ll certainly learn more in time, but for now, the longtime fans can take a breather after years of wanting. Perfect Dark is back!

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