Visceral Games has released new single-player Dead Space 3 gameplay footage, and it’s looking pretty frightening.

There were some worries amongst fans the new title mightn’t be quite as scary, especially after earlier trailers mostly showed off co-op footage. Everything’s a little less scary with a friend you see, but this looks like proper horror.

Due to the co-op nature of the previous videos, there was a lot of the John Carver character. This time, however, Isaac Clarke is just as alone, as much in the dark, and as scarily isolated as a good survival horror hero should be.

The footage features all the usual trappings of the previous Dead Space titles: dimly-lit corridors, horrible necromorphs and tense, free-floating outer space set-pieces complete with all the life-threatening debris we’ve come to know and fear. Have a look below to see for yourself.

EA will be offering 2 pre-order DLC bonus bundles, each with an extra weapon and suit. Instead of opting for the usual retailer-specific packs.

With the “First Contact” pack and you’ll receive a weighty golden suit built to protext Isaac from those long stints outside the safety of thick ship walls. You’ll also find yourself gifted with the “Negotiator”, which is a gun with a freakin’ Tesla Beam and linegun attachment.

The “Witness the Truth” pre-order bonus arrives with a wooly jumper for those frosty winter nights. Okay, it’s an insulated space suit for sub-zero planets but I bet you’d like to see Clarkey in grandmama’s best as much as I would. This pack also comes with the “Evanglizer”, a gun that combines the might of a shotgun with the trusty rapid-fire of an assault rifle. A powerful combo I’m sure you’ll agree.