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Ten Wii Games You’ll Want To Keep To Play On Your Wii U

by Prima Games Staff

Ah, the Wii U. There’s nothing like having a new console in the house and playing the games that really puts it to good use. But, by the same token, you shouldn’t be so hasty when it comes to abandoning the games you had so much fun with over the years on the original Wii. And there are a bunch of them, between the downloadable fare for Virtual Console and WiiWare, as well as the retail releases.

We’ve already given you a list of downloadable games to get, but what about regular Wii fare? We’ve got you covered there as well, as we count down ten particular favorites that you should snag for play on your Wii U. The HDMI support might just make them a little better. Here we go!

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Treasure’s follow-up to its previously Japan-only 3D shooter lived up to its potential – and then some – with crazy boss battles, outstanding visuals, a groovy soundtrack and two-player support. The plot doesn’t make much sense, but, honestly, who plays these games for plot? Buy it and shoot away.


The modern remake of Nintendo’s arcade classic lives up to the legacy, with a knockout blow. Punch-Out!! utilizes some terrific motion controls, along with old-school style of play, as well as a gathering of old and new boxers alike and a cinematic style that never gets old. Two-player mode is surprisingly fun, too.

Mario Kart Wii

Nothing beats racing with your friends, online or off, and we’re happy to say that Mario Kart Wii continues to hold up this tradition on the new console. The racing is addictive and fast, the track variety offers nostalgic favorites along with new road to cover, and the power-ups – yes, even that spiked shell – are still fun to use. (Just not receive – ouch.)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Since we’re going to be waiting a while for the next iteration of Super Smash Bros. anyway (it’s in the works over there at Namco Bandai Games), you might as well bring over the previous release with you, featuring various gaming superstars brawling for superiority across stages with stellar design. Hop online if you’re ready for a real challenge. We’re guessing you’re not.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The original Super Mario Galaxy is a triumph in design, but the sequel manages to outperform in every way possible, with even trickier stage challenges, a world hub that you can explore at any time, hidden stars, a beautiful visual design, the return of Yoshi (we missed him) and that tried-and-true Mario gameplay that’s worked so well over the years. Bring on part three!

Metroid Prime Trilogy

This trilogy collection is hard to come by – eBay auctions have it listed at $60 and up – but it’s so worth the money. Not only does it come in a nifty steelbook collector’s case, but it also packs three of the best Metroid adventures you can find, complete with solid motion control support and plenty of exciting encounters. Now if Retro Studios could just work on a Wii U version…

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

This fighter has recently been discontinued, due to Capcom losing the Tatsunoko rights, so if you can find it, snag it and never let it go. This cross-over fighter is just as good as the others Capcom has released, with a diverse cast of brawlers, nice visuals, online play and plenty of control configurations to choose from. It’s a brawl that has it all.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a pretty good Wii game, but considering it was just a quickie port of the GameCube release, it’s hard to recommend it over the much more advanced Skyward Sword. Featuring a compelling story, outstanding role-playing action and some of the best graphics you’ll see on the Wii, it’s simply unbeatable. HDMI connection can only make it better.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

The big ape continues to command the playing field, even if original DKC developer Rare has moved on to Microsoft land. Retro Studios fills in nicely with a challenging side-scrolling adventure, complete with bonus levels galore, lovely graphics, fun co-op support and hours worth of places to explore. And, hey, Cranky’s back!

Wii Sports

Finally, we have to go with the game that got us hooked on the Wii in the first place, mainly because it’s still one of the best sports packages we’ve come across in years. Wii Sports has it all, from boxing to baseball to bowling, and it does it with relative ease, so even non-gaming types can play it. If you can’t find the original, the sequel, Wii Sports Resort, works just as well.

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