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Nintendo Lowers Prices of Three Wii Games

by Prima Games Staff

Even though it’s focusing more on the Wii U console, Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about the original Wii. Today, it’s offering three of the system’s more popular releases for $29.99 each.

First up is Super Mario Galaxy 2, the much-heralded sequel to the platforming classic. In the sequel, Mario must travel to new corners of the universe, while taking advantage of special new abilities and riding his loyal dinosaur pal, Yoshi.

Next is New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a game that takes the series back to its side-scrolling roots, but includes a new multiplayer mechanic, where up to four people can take part in completing levels.

Finally, Wii Sports Resort, the highly regarded sequel to the Wii’s original pack-in game, introduces players to a huge island filled with activities, ranging from flying to traditional sports.

All three of these games are available now, and also work on the Wii U console due to backwards compatibility.


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