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The Surge 2’s First Gameplay Trailer is Here

by Josh Hawkins

When The Surge released last year, a lot of people fell in love with the futuristic take on the Souls formula. Now, Deck 13 is looking to up the ante even more with the release of The Surge 2. Today, they released the first gameplay trailer for the game, which showcases some shiny new weapons, as well as an entirely new area of the city that was ravaged by the events of The Surge.

According to the publisher, The Surge 2 promises to deliver a much larger world for players to explore and fight within, as well as a more ambitious level design to help spice things up even more. Players who dive into the experience will also find themselves working with advanced dodging mechanics, better parrying things to directional parrying, and even new, unique AI behavior.

Much like the original game, The Surge 2 looks to offer the same brutal and technical combat that made the original entry so enjoyable, while also taking things to new levels with new abilities, weapons, drones, and even new implants to explore and customize. The Surge 2 was originally announced back in February, and while this is the first gameplay we’ve seen, players can expect to be waiting a while, as The Surge 2 isn’t slated to release until sometime next year.

For now, players can dive into the original game and get a feel for what The Surge has to offer. You can also check out our collection of The Surge guides for all your strategy needs, should you run into any issues. We’re excited to see what Deck 13 does with The Surge 2, and you can check out the new gameplay trailer above to see some of the new content in action.


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