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Super Mario 3D World Gets New Power-Ups, Stages

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo promised a new Direct special today, and it didn’t disappoint fans when it came to the forthcoming Super Mario 3D World. The company introduced a number of new items expected to debut in the game.

First off, the cat suit was given more detail, allowing characters to run up walls and destroy enemies using scratching capabilities. In addition, players can pick up cherries, which transforms their character into duplicates, allowing a bigger and better attack formation – ideal when surrounded by Goombas.

In addition, you can transform into a Hammer Brother, able to throw boomerangs at will; the Tanooki suit from previous Mario games of old will make a return; and you’ll have access to a mini Piranha Plant and baseballs for ranged attacks.

You can see these features, as well as some new stages, in the video below.

Super Mario 3D World launches November 22nd for Wii U.

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