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Stubbs The Zombie Seems To Be Getting A Re-Release For Xbox On March 16

by Jesse Vitelli

It looks like Stubbs the Zombie will be getting re-released on March 16. According to a report from, a listing for a brand new set of achievements for Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse has surfaced. 

Stubbs The Zombie Seems To Be Getting A Re-Release For Xbox On March 16

The report states that the title looks to be a port from Aspyr media, who most recently did the Star Wars Episode 1 Racer port.

You can check out the list of achievements down below. 

  • That didn’t age wellCompete the painfully slow, forced tutorial15
  • Reap what you sowNow you’re getting the hang of it!15
  • Don’t be suspicious!!!Give Stubbs a hand!15
  • Rock and ParoleDo it for the meme!15
  • Next Time Bring a MapWe know what you did.15
  • Dawn of the DeadSo many deals!15
  • Unprotected whoopie!You look good in those genes.15
  • I make a PPSoil the water supply with your finely aged urine15
  • Army of DarknessNeither rain, nor sleet, nor bullets, nor brains15
  • Does this look infected?Eh, shake it off15
  • Meeting with DeathClear your calendar.15
  • DIE WYE DIE!Mahlzeit30
  • Cletus DefeatusSooey! Feedin’ time!30
  • Hands-on parentingBon apetit90
  • 1 easy payment of…It’s been 15 years. You ate your first brain. Was it worth it?15
  • Un-Re-AnimatedYou’re a zombie that died.15
  • Crypt-O-CurrencyEat 2005 brains90
  • It’s a real groaner!100% the dance battle. We thought that was impossible.90
  • We got a twitcher!BOOM HEADSHOT15
  • Stubbs OtakuYour friends all just read that achievement title. You need help.90
  • 360-No-BrainsLand a jump tackle30
  • Obsessive PossessorPosess each type of enemy once15
  • The SpleenStun 10 enemies with your Unholy Flatulence15
  • Fast ZombiesBeat the game in under two hours90
  • Sausage FestLoad a jeep up with the squad30
  • Car-DaverGet run over by a vehicle15
  • Should’ve hid in a fridgeGet killed by an airstrike30
  • Strike!10 kills with a single Sputum Head15
  • Dirt Cheap10 Sod-O-Mobile kills15
  • Plowed Up5 Tractor Kills15
  • Tanks for the Memories10 Tank kills30
  • Bust a GutTrigger a gut grenade in mid-air15
  • The First Law of RoboticsGet killed by a robot30
  • Bahhh-BarianYou shouldn’t pet the sheep15
  • Six Seasons and a MovieDemand a sequel.10

The Microsoft Store listing indicates the game will be out next month on March 16. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen our old pal Stubbs, and a re-release might mean there is more coming in the future, but who knows. Here is the official description of the game:

“In 1933, Edward “Stubbs” Stubblefield is a poor traveling salesman during the Great Depression, who tries to make a living. He temporarily finds happiness with a girl named Maggie Monday, but he meets his unfortunate end when Otis, Maggie’s father, comes home, and kills him, dumping his body in the wilderness.

26 years later, the city of Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, founded by multi-billionaire playboy industrialist Andrew Monday, Maggie’s son, has been built directly on top of Stubbs’ not-so-final resting place. At its opening ceremony in 1959, Stubbs rises from his grave as a zombie and decides to get his revenge by eating the brains of the inhabitants of Punchbowl, quickly creating his own army of the undead.”

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